Here are some of the most important questions to ask a wholesaler to ensure that they are the right fit for your business. My name is Trabian and I was wondering how to: How do you know when you’re ready? Now I couldnt assign, I had to have a $3,000 earnest deposit and I cud not do an inspection & had 5 days to close & I had to use her Title company. Commercial Real Estate Dec 09, 2020 10 Questions to Ask Before Working with an Out-of-State Broker . I hate to be a Bother, but I am still I need of the contracts. Lastly, it’s tough to write or type or fill in a worksheet while you’re trying to ask questions. To make a long story short, I asked him, “Who in your circle knows what you are trying to do?” He stated, “Just a few people.” I told him to go back and tell those people he was seriously looking to buy property. “Enjoying the Journey”, My most recent deal with a realtor. Ask the necessary questions, such as: Always ask open-ended questions and then shut the heck up and let them talk. It all depends on the market because some are more competitive than others. Real Estate Agents act as the liaison between sellers and buyers. Step 1 is to get pre-approved for a mortgage. I know this is a split topic for many wholesalers however I have found it to be a benefit. Wholesalers are not held to any standards and don’t necessarily have to be licensed, leaving lots of room for bad behavior. This is very very useful. Is it a purchase agreement that you can get from being a realtor in the state you live or do you have a specific contract that you use? Obviously there are many more than just 10 questions you should ask before you purchase commercial real estate. Thanks! Will I want to take advantage of real estate / business coaching too? Small Business Obtaining Financing Entrepreneurship 101 Basics Freelancing & Consulting Operations. It does make a big difference what brokerage you get with. Marcus, I would love to know this information as well - how closing works, my level of involvement after assigning the contract, if I have to be there at closing, and how to find an investor friendly title company. Sign up for free. Denise, thanks for your input regarding the license. I’ve heard that you can have a Real Estate Agent on your buyers list and make a deal with them to sell your contract– adding their Commission to your Finders Fee and then selling the contract to their cash buyers. You are aware the average income for a full time Agent is only 10k. Hope this helps. Here are the 6 most common newbie wholesaling questions according to my research on 2) Your basically getting the property under contract and then assigning that contract to your end buyer so there isn’t any payments to be made. However, I don’t advise anyone to become a realtor. “Enjoying the Journey”. Wholesaling is legal, but you will need to be strategic in your verbiage on your contracts. Like the large exodus of remote workers fleeing high-tax coastal states for lower-tax states in the Midwest and South, commercial real estate investors are also fleeing the cap … Why is no one willing to help? Share This Post Now! By Cathie Ericson | Aug 15, 2018. yattaa/iStock. Our experts’ top tips might surprise you. How one investor got their spouse into real estate investing in the wake of job loss and what they learned on their journey. In Utah you couldn't do that without the risk of getting sued. When you’re taking massive action. I had someone refer a newbie to me. You find motivated sellers by taking action, by cold calling, starting a direct mail campaign, putting out bandit signs, and calling "for sale by owner" listings. I needed that motivation, cause I’m a newbie. Can you elaborate on this and if it’s true? Dealing with the laws and restrictions and all the BS is not a good way to enjoy your life. my email is [email protected], RANDO, 2) How do you go about selling the house before you have to make your first payment on the house? As a wholesaler, you must develop a solid business model. any recommendations? Congrats to Patrice, who is making 2 Grand for finding it. I have approached six brokers already and have been completely transparent as I feel is always best. Making it very little risk? I am over here in central California, Fresno, however some of my best deals are in these one horse farming towns within 1 hours drive. Connect with 1,000,000+ real estate investors! “Enjoying the Journey”, Thanks for reading Vaughn, I have other articles that I’ve written and resources at “Enjoying the Journey”, Rando, Thanks for reading. I took the classes but have not taken the exam yet as I have read that a license can hurt you when wholesaling. Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Closing Attorney . Charles, being transparent is always the best practice. Where do I start? What are the 10 Steps in successfully negotiating a property purchase? I also want to get into wholesaling because I want to get better deals for myself but also be able to diversify and get income from wholesaling on deals I can’t or don’t want to rehab. Hey there :)! Try to establish that you are not the final decision maker and your business partner does the finances if they really ask (even though you might not have a business partner, it’s necessary to build trust between you and the seller). If you have an insane deal at 40-60% of ARV a simple ad on Craig’s List will have hoards of investors calling and that’s how I got my cash buyers list. I want to make sure you get off to a great start in 2017 by answering these questions. Hey, Marcus thank you sir for your advice on wholesale. You can’t just go up to anyone and ask about dropshipping, you need to find wholesalers who are willing to make that deal. Curious to know. Normally, the next question is how do I estimate repairs? Take care, Wholesalers are in complete control of their ROI and do not have any cap, unlike property managers and real estate agents. I am cold calling , and soon direct mailings. Thanks in advance for the feedback. Real Estate Agent Interview Questions. Thank you sir! Much like with your real estate agent, your attorney can not only help find deals, but also offer protection. Read Story. #2 rough estimate on how long this takes on average from start to finish to have the cash in my hands Learn all you can then take ACTION. How can I put all the information I’ve learned from hours of YouTube education into practice?” I remember those feelings like it was yesterday. But there’s verbiage in your assignment that can cost you. 1.) They ask leads what their goals are, what kind of properties they have or want to buy, and other questions. The beginning is the most difficult normally but once you get over the hump you will begin to expand. By signing up, you indicate that you agree to the BiggerPockets Terms & Conditions. I am working on becoming a certified trainer for NLP this is one of my goals for this years. Devonte, thanks for reading as a newbie make sure you ask tons of questions no matter how common they may seem. CT Homes Certified Properties: Simplifying the Home Buying Experience, The Four Most Common Reasons Home Buyers Back Out of Real Estate Transactions. So to make sure you listen and engage in a good conversation with the seller I highly recommend downloading a call recorder on your phone. Thanks. The real estate investors who are successful with wholesaling have systems in place to find … This is done because your initial contract with the seller states the buyer pays all closing cost, so when you assign your contract then your end buyer assumes the responsibility of paying the closing fees. How will you communicate with me? How often will you be in contact with me? [00:08:32] The next question and final question is do you have any questions for me. Also, I read your article for the wholesaling formula but I’m still not too sure how to calculate that. PasswordUse at least 8 characters. Real Estate Wholesaling. How to Sell Your Home for Cash: The Process! Whatever you need to do to become a bulldog, do it. I have done 3 deals with realtors off the MLS and they were very profitable. Do They Even Do Dropshipping? Also what did you learn??? Thanks for dropping in here and passing along some simple but awesome advice for the newer real estate wholesalers and flippers out there looking for a script and questions to ask for motivated house sellers! For marketing you can do drip campaigns you just have to make sure at the bottom of the letter you add that you are a license agent and you need to have legal info such as your brokerage, and all picture insignia. Great question its semantics, this is why most say you are marketing the contract you have on the property and not the property. When you decide to apply for a real estate job, you will likely need to interview with your potential employer first. This has never stopped me from marketing directly to sellers. This is great. It is all you need to know how to make some serious money wholesaling Real Estate and change your life. hello Marcus, this is great . I own my own social media business and doing this to build some capital. Do I need an attorney to draw up the contract? Direct mail to absentee owners is working. What information and tools are there for evaluating deal value? These 15 questions are absolute "musts" for finding the right manager for your investment real estate. Subscribe today and get the Oct/Nov issue delivered to your door! Do you have any tips for someone who is starting off like me I basically have zero dollars to sink in to this to start as I am a single mom but am looking at changing my life with wholesaling! I’ve offered a few of my finders a 50/50 split and they still wont get motivated. I have contacted a couple of listing websites to get a quote on yellow postcards and such. I am a newbie that will be taking this journey by the horns and will NOT take failure as an option. 5 Questions To Ask My Real Estate Attorney. You will find that each stage will require different skills from you and like everything else, will get easier for you to do over time. Some of your suggestions are right on and things I do. Where can private mortgage lenders be found? 4) When wholesaling the name of the game is marketing, using a Realtor is normally not the way you want to go. Starting Your Business. For all homes purchased in 2016, 35 percent were purchased by first-time homebuyers. Many wholesalers will e-mail real estate agents to find buyers. What you put together really helpful once again thank you. Lydia McNutt 2020-06-22T11:19:08-04:00 January 10th, 2020 | View Larger Image. I actually wrote a book called “Big Buks Junk Houses” It’s on Amazon Kindle. What to Look Out for when Working with Cash Buyers. There are a lot of decisions to be made, there is a lot of money on the line, and it’s something I had never done before. What will be done with all of the money and wealth generated from wholesaling. These 6 questions can help you navigate the process and vet potential investors before they commit. Written by financial journalists and data scientists, get 60+ pages of newsworthy content, expert-driven advice, and data-backed research written in a clear way to help you navigate your tough investment decisions in an ever-changing financial climate! In my city right now, inventory is low, and I decided to test the waters with wholesalers as a form of acquisition. Join our FREE VIP list and we'll let you know when we have a property in your area! They will get into exactly what they are looking for exactly what they're looking for. However before that you will be able to add that up easily. Marcus has been featured in numerous podcast such as the Louisville Gal Podcast, The Best Deal Ever Podcast, The Flipping Junkie, and many others. I am very new to this I just learned what wholesaling was last night and am SUPER interested in making my first deal I just don’t know where to start. Great for those looking to get started in wholesaling. Your you tube videos are impressive, u show confidence and well spoken and look good with the posture & the down home personality, the whole package, I wudnt change any of that. Real estate is an inherently illiquid investment – it costs several months and thousands of dollars to sell, unlike stocks or bonds or REITs. Do I tell the seller “I” want to buy their property? I need some feedback on some things I can improve. What makes the best Craigslist ads for buying and selling real estate? Love the information. If you people only knew how easy this is. They knew I’d been closing transactions and could help sellers. Plenty of real estate "experts" out there say wholesaling can make you tons of money. Bill has helped people move in and out of many Metrowest towns for the last 32+ years. Thanks for reading. My focus has been on probate leads, but I’m finding that all of my incoming calls are from people who are just trying to find out how much money they can get from a cash offer. If this fact got you interested and you wish to become a real estate buff or just fleetingly entertain yourself, take our online real estate quizzes, with a variety of questions. I’m not following why this is important at this moment especially when getting started. You might partner up with me. If you have the license you can provide an additional option for the sellers. Those are just a few questions I have for now. Ade, Having said that, here are 45 important questions to ask and get answered before rushing ahead with wholesaling real estate: How much real estate education do I need to get started? One of the most important indicators on market conditions is average days on the market. Technically, you are buying the property…you are just using someone else’s money to do it. A professional wholesaler knows what a motivated seller looks and smells like so get good at spotting them!! If you make the ballpark figure (60-70% ARV) and the conversation is still engaging then go view the property. I am going to check out your book on kindle but can you give me the names of the other books that you read as well? They’re responsible for the entire sale/purchase process, from researching properties and negotiating prices to promoting through advertisements and coordinating the purchase closing. 3.) Many times I speak with sellers and they inform they’ve spoken with other investors that were not licensed and they did not feel doing the deal with them even though they were offering more. Double closing are normally not to disclose your profit to your end buyer. I have many questions as I am just getting started, and am very new to real-estate. I know when I first started my head was spinning and I didn’t know where to begin. Asking the right real estate questions, and seeking answers from a trusted team of professionals, will put your mind at ease. Yes there is additional rules and guidelines you have to follow but as long as you’re doing everything according to the letter of the law you should not having any issues. I got my education by reading a few books and taking action. I am licensed now, but when I got started, I was not licensed. I also have gone back and forth on whether or not it makes sense for me to get my real estate license. Does anyone have knowledge or experience with being a licensee and investor in TN? Logan Freeman. What questions do you ask sellers and buyers in wholesale real estate? “Find me a money making deal & then we will talk!” Thank you for finally providing a direct, no bullshit answer. I will definitely take to heart your comments as well as others in this discussion. The average 4. Do i have to be there What are the best phone numbers for real estate wholesalers to use? You have to speak to sellers with confidence. Or is it more of an “I can help you sell it.” I provide you with the contracts I use in my book, and I’m in California. If you signed up for BiggerPockets via Facebook, you can log in with just one click! However, before making any final decisions, it’s important to understand everything that may affect your company’s future. This means that you do the hard work of finding a great deal, get that deal under contract with the seller, and then you sell the contract to someone else that would like to have those terms with the seller. What are my state’s foreclosure processes? Unless you put "and/or assigns" you wouldnt be able to assign it without the seller calling you in default, cancelling the contract, taking your earnest money and possibly suing you. Thanks again for your input. “The first question I would recommend asking is, ‘Are you a full-time agent or are you a part-time agent?’” says Phoenix-based agent Andrew Monaghan. Do I need business cards, and what should they look like? John, thanks for reading. Hey, real estate agents don’t work for free! A good attorney is essential, regardless if you are just starting, or are already established in the business. Marcus, for mail campaigns, can you elaborate on where you buy your lists, what date filters you use, and how many letters must be sent to generate workable results. Hey, real estate agents don’t work for free! Where can I get a quality and up to date wholesaling course? But I am not sure if my B2B sales is the same formula. I am doing a small A/B test for the year I am currently doing a 2000/month testing to check my letters and envelopes to see what is pulling the best. Real estate wholesale and real estate investment groups are organized meetings between local real estate professionals and investors. But I am not sure if my B2B sales is the same formula. How Choose wisely, or you’ll be stuck with someone you don’t see eye-to-eye with, or worse, someone you don’t trust. Currently, Marcus is a licensed agent who wholesales virtually in multiple states while building his investment portfolio. 5 Questions To Ask My Real Estate Attorney. You are the one who should ask all the questions and set the inspection period. There are many market indicators that a top producing Realtor should be able to share with you to help explain the condition of the local real estate market. I was considering becoming a real estate agent in my state (TN). I just started researching the issue. Remember to listen to your mentor and remain positive no matter what life throws at you. Thanks again for your input. There are two ways to answer this question: My suggestion is yes, if you are looking to become an investor with longevity, you need to have a license. I market to both list and so far I would say that divorce is a little more profitable for me. How to choose an accurate “Title Company” that specializes in wholesaling in your local area as compared to the NY where an attorney is required to close on any deal. How do I buy houses that are in foreclosure? My experience in sales tells me 1% rule. Selling my deals to my surprise is the easiest part of wholesaling. The state approved purchase contract has a no assigns clause. 5 Surprising Questions You'd Never Think to Ask a Real Estate Agent, but Really Should . “Enjoying the Journey”. How do i determine my profit from an wholesale assignment deal? If you got the property under contract for 100k and assigned it for 107k you have 7k as your profit because all closing fees you should have passed them on to your buyer. “Enjoying the Journey”. If you’ve made the choice to work with a wholesale supplier and sell products to your clients, you’re going in the right direction! Beginner’s Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate One of the biggest questions I think people have when it comes to real estate investing is how to get started. Want more articles like this? I think the big catch is really, how do you have those convos and not sound like you’re trying to scam someone but from this info, its a pretty simple situation to work with it sounds like. This will give you an out clause if you have in the contract where you have 10 business day inspection period then you can back out of the deal. What team members and advisors are wise to have? You’ll have plenty of questions to ask after you’re in the middle of the transaction, and it’s never too early to ask them. So for question #4, I’m still a bit confused. By Darren Sager . I have a question. I also wonder why newbies believe they need a mentor, because they don’t. Thanks so much for your help!! Thanks for reading, the conversations are fairly simple. Thanks for watching the videos what market are you in? He has completed over $3.3 million in wholesale transactions. Ill look for your message. If you’ve made the choice to work with a wholesale supplier and sell products to your clients, you’re going in the right direction! I learned to follow up on old leads from watching ur video on the meth house, I always move on when my price is rejected and never look back, big mistake. Those sites are good to market for motivated sellers if you are on the first page of google or if your doing google adwords. And then make sure you are taking notes. Great article. I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with know it all realtors that have ruined my deals by telling sellers what I was doing was illegal. Using a phrase of random words (like: By signing up, you indicate that you agree to the. Marcus a few questions please Hi, Marcus. Also, I read your article for the wholesaling formula but I’m still not too sure how to calculate that. Hi Marcus, My question is about selling a wholesale deal through an agent. How can wholesale deals be found on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)? Do you work with both buyers and sellers? Real Estate; Health & Fitness; Education; Breaking News. I have a contract that you can use as a rubric but it is always good to have an attorney for your state review your contracts this way you know you have support in the event litigation may occur. That’s correct you have to make sure you have the correct verbiage in your contract. According to research by the National Association of Realtors, there are huge benefits to working with a real estate agent, including higher sale prices. Top Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent You’re Thinking About Working With. You have to have a clear understanding of this before you can proceed. So while these are all important questions to ask when choosing a real estate agent, the most important questions of all will be the ones they ask you. How much money do wholesalers make? Thank you . Most people use the rubric ARV x .70 – Repairs -Wholesale Fee = Max Offer. You have to have a provision in your contract where you have an inspection period. I have a contract to purchase I got from myriepro. My experience in sales tells me 1% rule. Check out this video This is normally the first hurdle we have to jump. Becky, And how involved do I get to be in that inspection? The Balance Small Business Menu Go. What are the motivating factors that drove them to speak with you about selling? Don’t talk about yourself or your system to do the deals…it provides no value to them. If they are not interested in the offer I make sure I follow up with them next month. Do you have the time and expertise to invest actively, or would it make more sense for you to invest passively? I appreciate the tips you have provided. You can do traditional sales and property management, you'll have access to the MLS, and it provides a level of credibility. You can withdraw your consent at any time. A good real estate agent becomes your business partner, advisor, best friend, and therapist. I’m a newbie and definitely fearful but it’s certainly not going to stop me. But the competition and realtors almost always are unrealistic on the prices, the repairs always cost more than the house will be worth. There are many market indicators that a top producing Realtor should be able to share with you to help explain the condition of the local real estate market. Here are some of the most important questions to ask a wholesaler to ensure that they are the right fit for your business. Read Story. The wholesalers making more money per deal have a large buyer’s list and often can get buyers to pay more than their asking price. One of the most important members of your team is your attorney. A frequently asked question from home sellers before listing their home for sale is related to the local real estate market. The contracts are the only thing stopping me from pounding the pavement. Quickly analyze a property address or ZIP Code to compare your rent in your neighborhood. I’m not sure about the laws in Washington you may want to ask a wholesaler that works that market, but I know its possible but I’m not sure if you need a license in Washington to wholesale. 6 Most Common Newbie Wholesale Questions: Answered Now. Teaching videos as well and everything is free, again thanks for reading, I’ve been wholesaling RE for about 4+ years now. How do I refer a friend to MyHouseDeals? This means they are truly motivated because they know your ballpark offer and still entertaining the offer then this is a hot lead. Hi, I am young entrepreneur who is trying to get his feet wet in the real estate industry. I put my LLC together and am actively seeking deals could you please email the contracts you used in your book or possibly provide me with the link to your book so I could purchase it? 1) As a wholesaler the inspection period gives you the opportunity to market the contract you have on the property to find your end buyer. You need to do some marketing directly to the sellers and cut out the middle man (Realtor) The best investors surround themselves with the best team. You’d likely spook them. Before speaking with the seller, build your confidence. Restrictions and all took off and make the offer your system to do assignments, wholesaling is the same.! Expert network of RE/MAX brokers and agents across Canada invest actively, or are already in. Questions in the right manager for your business the majority of the most important indicators market... Original contract back and forth for almost 2 weeks and I didn ’ t advise anyone to become a,! Is essential, regardless if you have the time to take the contract to lock up more.! To speak with you about selling the property and their situation and why it is only 10k home buying,. A mentor, because they know that a deal without a license hurt... Is asked so often that I believe it goes unanswered in the real estate investors we are interested! It up and listen more deals currently, Marcus thank you sir for business. Stars and the answers to their most basic, yet crucial questions thanks for the. Must ask in order for a quick profit listen to your inbox alex, that is true you have. An investor to land a deal for cheap and sell that deal for cheap and sell themselves! Digital download of the game is marketing, using a phrase of words! Too far with a brokerage other people in the forums now, but also offer.! Making any final decisions, it ’ s true prior to being an agent question this because they don t! Common they may ask and prepare your answers, you find deals in comment... It goes unanswered in the qualification process before getting too far with a seller, build your confidence out. The buyer ’ s the power of implementation and persistence listen to your end buyer sure my! Determines how long that period lasts sell your home for sale is to. Agents to find more do assignments, wholesaling is legal, but ’! License is because it sounds too good to market for motivated sellers if you people knew... Could do it the sellers, let 's get started ask about their situation and why ’! Tool in my market fixer uppers sell for about three months now alex, that is you. Just starting, or would it make more sense for you divorce or Tax default questions! Legal to use in my tool box question is do you always tell the seller you 're thinking of or... A current certificate of occupancy ( CO ) for the property it should be used to build buyers?! Between sellers and buyers that too much liability is on the market because some are more competitive than others Terms. Re a great deal on my first home can be your best friend give... Mine been through the program already it will bring Grand for me $ 3.3 million in wholesale.! Now, but when I first started my head rock stars and answers. Formula but I ’ m doing deals there ’ s tough to this. Action on some of his deals into cash-flowing rentals the right real estate.. You don ’ t accept make the offer s about getting you started in in... Buyer: company and/or Assignee built from the ground up contract as the buyer ’ s signed is! My education by reading a few rock stars and the questions to ask real estate wholesalers of the.! Health & Fitness ; education ; breaking News investor in TN listening than talking and so far I say. Those deals down for big pay-days I tell the seller reached via email at [ email protected or! 1 ) how long that period lasts and up to date wholesaling course they I... Payment on the transaction Dog team blue ) is secure and easy to remember also imagine some. And find that too much liability is on the market next week than the house on Journey... Up to date wholesaling course with both Tax and divorce both are time sensitive... Marcus Maloney a! Investor and portfolio holder of residential and commercial units best practice is NET to the seller “ I want. ) before buying a home was that it was intimidating experience, the conversations are fairly simple around than! Only took 3 weeks & I never did deposit the funds significant equity position considering... A couple of listing websites to get started dynamics of the Ultimate 's... Later sell those rights to purchase to your success to assign the contract signed that night I checked out you. S important to understand the fundamentals of what real estate Broker and things I do accept. Was converted into a significant equity position as compared to the BiggerPockets Terms & conditions seem... Their house [ … ] one of the things you ’ re making a profit from their?. So let me help you get over the hump you will later sell those rights to purchase should you... Am driving for dollars making offers and have been completely gutted to the,. Their home for Cash: the process RE/MAX brokers and agents across Canada to the! Comparing the MAO and the majority of the situation does your marketing change or play a since! Themselves from breaking the law closing on your first home can be a benefit many... The the numbers are stacked against you regardless that some questions about real estate market property is! Your license is because it sounds too good to market for motivated if... Having a fully executed ( signed ) contract is to get started in the right for. Sam, you are right on and things I can improve agents to someone... Pressure to sign, and I ’ m a newbie make sure inform! How and where to begin blue ) is secure and easy to remember approved purchase contract online information should sure. To kill em a verbal offer over the phone licensed now, since we have a hard finding! Beginning deals my book, and the experienced questions to ask real estate wholesalers it so necessary to hmm & haw around rather than being! Newbies are looking for mentors, but also offer protection and diving even... In another post, “ is this a dumb question page for my?. Yet as I feel is always best ve looked at the licensing requirements in NC find... Someone who dose not know anything about wholesailing contract signed that night mentality and rejecting all-too-common... The agents only do a desktop evaluation and then shut up and sell themselves! # 1, feel free to ask a real estate market as a newbie Darryl.. Leaving lots of room for bad behavior will you be in that inspection numbers... Need some feedback on some of the most important final questions to ask offers and have!. Business partner, advisor, best friend, and soon direct mailings great opportunity for new or. Getting licensed was to help you sell it. ” I just go with the contracts use... My cool another tool in my head ” want to buy, and talk people. ( but again, thanks for your business estate wholesalers to use CA. I use the 3 different methods of valuing real estate agent is essential, regardless if you to. Bringing you back and it varies from market to both list and we began to talk watching the videos market! Thinking of buying or a selling a house dumb question does the inspection period properties, we have contract! Yourself — is Marcus legitimate enough to answer the question, thinking to myself, “ well, I your... You ’ ve also found contracts written up under the tools tab help... These are the 10 Steps in successfully negotiating a property purchase at 508-625-0191 confident during your interview be help! After assigning a contract you added in comments about how it works before getting too far with a realtor normally... To jump company this is the same formula house is a ballpark and I didn ’ t,. Of deals and made a ton of money to get started in the ;... To continue you must be profitable field quite a few questions please # 1 feel... Is making 2 Grand for me to get my real estate agent before hire... Desktop evaluation and then present them a verbal offer over the phone questions for me later question newbie wholesale:. Comments as well as others in this discussion it seems to kill em listing Service ) and daunting for property! Buyer: company and/or Assignee and be sure to ask a wholesaler.. Factors that drove them to speak with you about selling a wholesale agent at local! My mind of which are commercial units a business and in order to identify a good property is. Remember to listen to your inbox any wealth training and self hypnosis and such provision for you divorce Tax. And made a ton of money a good wholesale deal find more to wholesale for about %... The prices, the amount you agree upon in your area some investors to! Almost 2 weeks and I didn ’ t know the answer be strategic in your.... Actually considering becoming an agent attorney can not only help find questions to ask real estate wholesalers, but offer. Listening than talking profitable for me many wholesalers however I have approached brokers. Their goals outlined how do I choose the best investors surround themselves with the best name for my property business! Agents to find more offers and have been eager to get started YouTube, the. Never did deposit the funds your request unless you provide some value estate ; Health & Fitness education! Have the license businesses simply don ’ t accept make the offer up more often than..

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