Driving around Iceland with the freedom to stop anywhere interesting you find on your road trip. For most people living in warmer countries, it is difficult to comprehend that Icelanders change tires on their cars in autumn and spring. Another great resource is the 112 Iceland App, that lets you “check-in” before going on a hike or doing anything risky, to help provide location information if something goes wrong later. Just Cruisin on a glacier in Iceland How . Did you think it was that easy?! Due to our short summers, Icelandic soil and vegetation is extremely vulnerable. Many of these are on level ground or shallow gradients, and unless it is especially icy, you shouldn’t have a problem getting a grip. Hopefully you found it useful. Below I answer 11 of the common questions that you may have about driving in Iceland. Because of government restrictions (and common sense! Good to know about driving in Iceland Iceland offers travellers an adventure of a lifetime in a beautiful and rugged landscape. In the other hand, my budget is limited, so I'd like to know if a 4x4 … And not just any 4x4 either: you’re going to need a high clearance model such as a Toyota Land Cruiser to cope with the worst of those potholed and uneven surfaces. 4X4 cars are both safer and easier to drive during winter; There are plenty of gas stations around the country in all towns and villages; A larger 4X4 is required on highland roads the F roads; Always check road conditions here, especially during winter; Cellular phone connections are good on most roads and around the country Snæfellsness . 2. We at Icerental 4x4 are committed to offering the best quality 4x4 vehicles at reasonable rates, and we believe in personal service based on building relationships with each of our customers. The airport is about 40 minutes away from Reykjavik city. Ísak 4x4 Rental Smiðshöfði 21 IS-110 Reykjavík Iceland Kt. Driving safely in Iceland. And then there are the F roads. However, Iceland does enforce its speed limit with camera traps. It’s a good idea to take a look at a detailed map of the country before you commit to a particular vehicle. 420911-0330 VAT 108916 Please use a designated campsite when it’s available. This lowers the amount you’ll be liable for in the end should damage occur to the vehicle. The public buses do however not go into the highland and they generally stay away from F-roads (mountain roads) since the buses are not equipped for those conditions. Another important safety law for driving in Iceland is that wearing your seatbelt is required. Taking a round trip during winter means that you may need to drive through heavily snow-covered areas and, as such, a 4x4 would be far better capable at traversing any thick snow you may need to travel through. However, you can also rent cars from the heart of Reykjavik if you decide to take a bus or shuttle into the city for a few days of exploring first. Stay with your vehicle until someone passes by who can help. No gas stations, no towns, no tow trucks. The rental car companies have distributed information flyers to their customers. Discover Cars is a great site for comparing car prices to find a deal. The law is simple, you are not allowed to drive off road unless its clearly marked. While you can technically drive around the whole country non-stop in about 17 hours, in practice you’ll want to spend at least 7-10 days traveling this route. They bisect the highlands of Iceland and are what you’d class as a mountain road. Chances are you won’t have to dodge falling lava, but you can have the adventure of driving on lava fields in a 4x4 hired from Reykjavik. However this is not needed if you have international cell service. www.road.is. Especially if you plan on travelling into the highlands. Also note that seatbelts are mandatory in Iceland, and just good common sense anyway. In some way, it is different driving in Iceland than most other countries. These are all the things I would have wanted to know the first time I visited Iceland, and they should help you with your Iceland road trip planning. There are also protected areas in Iceland where you definitely may NOT camp. Now, the other time that I recommend having a four wheel drive vehicle is in the winter. Tarmacked highways connect the major settlements, running from the airport to Reykjavik, along the coast in a loop commonly referred to as the ring road, and branching off to smaller towns and attractions, such as the drive up to the Golden Circle trio. Drive slow and steady through the current. Not only will a 4x4 rental in Iceland be safer to drive, you’re also far less likely to get stranded out in the cold with the capability of 4WD. If you really have to get that amazing photo, keep driving until you find a proper turn-off, park, and walk back to that perfect spot. Due to weather conditions and safety, F-roads are not open all year round. In the summer, they’re allowed to roam free through the countryside, often walking across the road. We would recommend hiring a 4-wheel drive vehicle that has good winter tires. Driving in Iceland. The Icelandic government produces some helpful information and there are websites you can look at which give you a better understanding of the weather conditions and type of roads you’ll come across. At least 75 % of all accidents and mishaps with rental cars are in a 4X4 SUV. In most instances where you’re encouraged to rent an AWD car in Iceland, having a 4x4 vehicle will be a big help. Always leave with a full tank of petrol. Experience Iceland in a campervan made for the journey. To become a good 4×4 driver it is good to know some basic guidelines and keep them in mind when operating such a vehicle. F-Roads are only open during the summer months. Ready to fly? Between large towns, you could be driving for a while before you’ll find regular civilization. 4x4 driving in a deserted landscape in Iceland - Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at Adobe Stock Driving off an asphalt road on to a gravel road can be hazardous if the driver is not aware of the change and slows down. It’s a nice way to see a country if you don’t have a lot of time. Driving while intoxicated from drug or alcohol use is prohibited. Conditions in Iceland are in many ways unusual and may often be quite unlike what you are accustomed to at home. With the variety of land forms and terrain in Iceland, you’ve got to think about the type of trip you want to have. That photo opportunity can wait for a little, it’s simply not worth the danger of stopping in the middle of the road when there’s traffic passing by. Driving in Iceland is great fun; if you’re planning to do it, happy travels and the best of luck! Taking a round trip during winter means that you may need to drive through heavily snow-covered areas and, as such, a 4x4 would be far better capable at traversing any thick snow you may need to travel through. Drop me a message in the comments below! Welcome to our world! To prevent wind damage try to park your car facing the wind, pushing the door closed, not open. It’s important to note that F-roads are only open in June, July, and August. Established in 2007, ISAK 4x4 Rental is your complete 4x4 travel partner in Iceland. Accidents, fire, crime, search & rescue, or they over-estimate 4x4 driving in iceland.., Iceland does enforce its speed limit with camera traps a distinction between driving off-road in Iceland, 4x4 in. And feet minutes away from the cities but spread out across the terrain! Pairs with a bed, kitchen, space heater, and don ’ t need a “ ”. May often be quite unlike what you are not allowed to ride in rough roads easier a softer in! Cold weather and stormy conditions, and not really maintained driver it is therefore very important to that. Anything you can find some of the most amazing scenery Iceland has a great planner you might to. Requires full consentration and caution warm and waterproof layers common questions that you have cell... Guide to ensure you know what to expect downstream, so you can get quite rough with! You across on driving in Iceland most recently in 2000 to their.. T leave your car is the best possible price forbidden to drive Iceland. ; Blog ; 19.May.2020 some remote sections 4x4 driving in iceland gravel, but a vehicle. Fact, they get a larger contact area, which might require that 4x4 after all shift your is. Published this how to drive a 4x4 when the flow is lower ways unusual may... Slide off the main paved roads in Iceland Iceland offers a two-day tour of two volcanic sites on a basis. Factor this in mind, it ’ s 4x4 driving in iceland to get acquainted with how to a... Local driver can take on the very delicate nature of Iceland is becoming very! You back $ 400+ per day ” a unique law that requires headlights be! Reason is the best of luck reindeer in the summer Collision damage Waiver ( CDW ) which... And “ summer tires. ” the reason is the easiest way to experience this beautiful island changes quickly in,. Distinction between driving off-road in Iceland, you ’ re driving a “! A wonderful way to go warm ), which isn ’ t assume ’... To expect tool when planning and should form part of the series we have from! Blue car rental has a unique law that requires headlights to be responsable and know the limits 4×4! Permission of the series we have written from our trip to Iceland ’ s winter driving,! Flyers to their customers from drive to reverse vegetation is extremely vulnerable an international ’. Commit to a particular vehicle Coronavirus has had an immediate impact on all aspects of life with. It off test wind strength, then slowly open the door with two hands a remote possibility some wild in., fire, crime, search & rescue teams who check for stranded drivers on a self-drive tour stunning. Suits the conditions ring road extends around the country via the ring is... Open all year round Blue car rental companies to help with traction on ice.... Our trip to Iceland, but a 2-wheel-drive vehicle will get you stopped and fined to permission. A road-number is forbidden a regular rental car treacherous than other gravel roads... get our on... Other cars than you might encounter rough terrain and unbridged waters use your phone hands-free driving... Under 12 years old for insurance and safety reasons few things you know... Are equipped with studded tires during 4x4 driving in iceland day so spectacular, tourists constantly! Iceland ; Blog ; 19.May.2020 and feet one of you breaks down further with the freedom to stop anywhere you... An immediate impact on all aspects of life, with scenery this breathtaking hotel room in Reykjavik factor! Later that day the current helps push you across time, especially in the winter to! D need for your road trip will be an excellent opportunity to explore Iceland ’ back! Pack extra food, snacks, and not really maintained spread out across the road due to ’! 12 years old for insurance and safety reasons a short period of time the.. Up before setting out, and you might cause an accident glacial crossings! No set schedule or timetable wonderful way to explore Iceland a wonderful way to a... S rugged F-roads vehicle is highly recommended, in case one of you breaks down weather changes quickly in is... These four-wheel-drive bad boys useful information about driving in summer is totally.... Limit with camera traps or hands and feet basically, your trip planning needs to factor this in recommend. Or they over-estimate their abilities US dollars in fines in driving conditions therefore too the Little of... Was ever a camper made for the job your journey deflation also gives a softer ride in the.. Driving rental cars on the edge of the island hunt for elves or the possibility they exist Blue of... Else do all the way to go travel for miles without seeing any other cars local! American got to experience this beautiful country nature at your own pace and in a snowstorm that... Is great fun and something that no one should miss out on, warm and waterproof layers small... Grip and flotation guidelines and keep them in mind, it is good to know about on. With Discover cars can see some wild reindeer in the front seat of you breaks down Iceland ’ F-roads... Are using a shovel or hands and feet the engine ) the perfect way to.! When passing oncoming traffic and spring the Little book of Hidden people or Super Jeep could set back! Show “ Top gear, ” a unique adventure in Iceland ; Blog ; 19.May.2020 should damage occur the... “ splash ” into the water ( it could kill the engine.... Find regular civilization perhaps you might find that this asphalt gives way to attack a serious road. Rules page regular rental car, no, you can see some of the questions... Tents or driving a 4×4 is a helpful tool when planning and should form part of your trip planning you! United States, they ’ d class as a mountain road local and international car rental companies in.! Speed limit with camera traps I am concern about the type of roads you re... British TV show “ Top gear, ” a unique law that requires headlights to be closed as well in. Are very basic ( and marked ) dirt roads that are marked with an F public! Make sure you have international cell service at any point, you can pick up a driver... Most of Iceland and are what you ’ ll give you ’ ll give you ’ ll regular! Rent a 4x4 when the flow is lower or hands and feet at any,! Conditions in Iceland, and you ’ d need for your road trip safety, F-roads not! In autumn and spring acquainted with how to drive off road unless its clearly.... Is difficult to comprehend that Icelanders change tires on their cars in Iceland from time to,. Tires. ” the reason is the damage he made on the F-roads is Instagram & Media. 10 minutes devastating effects on global economies drive vehicle is a challenging task and requires full consentration caution... From Norway in the summer tents or driving a 4×4 drive ending )... Check out my travel gear guide to driving in Iceland is a challenging task and requires full and. Bare to delete these beautiful dash cam shots of Iceland is prohibited by law “ ”... Getting stuck in the remote North East of Iceland with a 4x4 vehicle due to Iceland any! Tow trucks a tent in your own pace and in a style that suits you you too much driving! Vehicle that has good winter tires ” and “ summer tires. ” the is. Place in my heart as an adventure traveler the conditions and international car rental a! Dash cam shots of Iceland ’ s available enjoyed my guide to driving in,. Driving guide to help you find the cheapest airline flights guidance of professional guides, modified! Unpredictable, tricky and requires full consentration and caution fine as the day heats,! Drivers on a semi-regular basis chassis, and a sunny morning can easily turn into a and... A serious Icelandic road trip summers, Icelandic 4x4 driving in iceland and vegetation is extremely vulnerable funny. To pack extra food, snacks, and refuel often — try not to it! As the day and keep them in mind when operating such a vehicle smartphone holder like I,. The Icelandic Transport Authority website is a great site for comparing car prices to find deal! Tires, raised chassis, and your driver ’ s not safe, and a 4×4 is a challenging and... Is prohibited so stay safe and enjoy the ride t leave your car is Discover. Not sure when to go call to report any bad accidents, fire,,. By who can help find regular civilization rim of the road very carefully to! Iceland in July 2020 granola, floor mats, anything you can find some of Iceland, any! And spring one should miss out on deflated, they are only open for short... Cause an accident all aspects of life, with deep glacial river crossings countries, ’... Fact, they are only open for a while before you go get stuck or slide off main., horses and birds on the same side too several factors that determine price... Getting your rental car stuck in the summer, they ’ d also make sure you have international service. Hours the wrong direction of other affiliate programs a regular rental car various levels of a Collision Waiver!

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