He went on to become a peace activist, singing the cautionary verse: “As the years pass by, I can still recall the men I saw that day, who died upon that blood-soaked sand where now sweet children play. 3 If it features a funky bass even on ballads, you might have a Southern Soul record. Well, look at mine The people on the street have all seen better times CHORUS Their love showed that my work is actually appreciated, and thus has validated and encouraged me. Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Then He Kissed Me (1963, Barry, Greenwich & Spector) Now, on the 40th anniversary of his murder, I offer the final Beatles Recovered collection, of With The Beatles, the group’s second album which was released in the UK on November 22, 1963. After the events of last week, I thought some people may need a little solace through the medium of music. 3. 8. 9. Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs – Wooly Bully (1965, as producer), Dolores Abril, 86, Spanish folkloric singer, on Oct. 26, Cano Estremera, 62, Puerto Rican salsa singer, on Oct. 27, Billy Joe Shaver, 81, country singer and songwriter, on Oct. 27 Michael Jackson – Beat It (1982, on guitar) Any Major X-Mas Mix Thank you so much, Sarah, for the caffeine, the support, and the kind words. Clarence Carter – Getting The Bills (But No Merchandise) (1970) Please keep doing what you’re doing. The Beach Boys – I Can Hear Music (1969, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich & Phil Spector) I would gladly help you out as you share lots of great music which I never heard of. Any dude such that he is major and has no less than half of a heart would tell anyone, including you, that, any world such that it is minor and having fallen apart, will in all cases fall together again. 21. South African-born English writer Herbert Kretzmer (whose brother went on to become mayor of Johannesburg) also wrote the English lyrics for the Charles Aznavour hit She, the Streisand favourite When You Gotta Go, the much-covered Yesterday When I Was Young, and — within hours of John F Kennedy’s assassination — the tribute song In The Summer Of His Years. November 19th, 2020 Leave a comment Go to comments . Wilbert Harrison – Let’s Work Together (1969) Alexi Murdoch – Orange Sky (2002) The heart is a fist-sized muscle that pumps blood through the body 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without rest. 83 Likes, 18 Comments - Brian (@goldengirlgotti) on Instagram: “Any major dude with half a heart surely will tell you, my friend. 2 But that should not detract from how they, and Eddie’s band, practically set the 1980s “hair rock” craze in motion. So here’s a mix of Southern Rock songs which should unite the blue and the red and the orange in displays of face-contorting air-guitar solos. Carole King – We Are All In This Together (1974) After the Christmas Blues mix and this second Christmas compilation, I shall take a short time off, but I will be back before the year is out to post the obligatory New Year’s disco mix. As always, the mix is timed to fit on a standard CD-R, and includes home-decomposed covers. And John Lennon, my favourite who had just released his long-awaited comeback single? So good to see you back…I don’t download these days…so little opportunity to listen…but love to check things out. Beatles Recovered: Yellow Submarine Syl Johnson – Come Together (1970) 4. The heart is a complex organ, using four chambers, four valves, and multiple blood vessels to provide blood to the body.Blood flow itself is equally complex, involving a cyclic series of steps that move blood trough the heart and to the lungs to be oxygenated, deliver it throughout the body, then bring blood back to the heart to re-start the process. Dedicated followers of this quiet corner of the Internet might have found the site down for the past week. I echo every word of Jack’s comment above. It was a bad month indeed for outlaw country musicians with three names: shortly after Walker, Billy Joe Shaver died (David Allen Coe and Michael Martin Murphey must be getting nervous now). It might be the greatest hit machine in pop history, in the good company of Tin Pan Alley and Motown; its influence on pop music was pivotal. 1. English folk-singer Jim Radford was best-known for his song On The Shores Of Normandy, a lament for the fallen soldiers in the D-Day invasion on 6 June 1944. Pomus & Shuman, Goffin & King, Barry & Greenwich, Mann & Weil. The Turtles – It Ain’t Me Babe (1965) When RCA signed Elvis, it calculated on his image. Len Barry – 1-2-3 (1965) But I had to rouse myself to go to school. Donovan – Catch The Wind (1965, on bass), Pierre Kezdy, 58, punk bass player, on Oct. 9, David Refael ben Ami, 70, Israeli singer, COVID-19 on Oct. 9, Harold Betters, 92, jazz trombonist, on Oct. 11 4. The good guys win! And how exactly do we define Southern Rock? Glad you didn’t let them beat you. 12. Luckily, Coker’s injuries weren’t life-threatening. So glad you’re back. As ever, CD-R length, home-begged covers, PW in comments. Two Beatles classics of songs didn’t find their way on to the album: I Want To Hold Your Hand, with the flip side being the gorgeous This Boy (in the UK and Europe). And the mix I’ll post later this week — before I go on a little break until after I’ve unwrapped my pretend presents — will be suitable Christmassy. Two months ago, on Lennon’ 80th birthday in October, I posted the Please, Please Me Recovered mix. Titus Turner – Christmas Morning Blues (1952) Forty years ago tonight I decided to give the “Blue Album” of The Beatles, the 1967-70 compilation, a spin. Christmas In Black & White Vol. 22. The normal heart is made up of four parts: two atria on the top of the heart (right atrium and left atrium), and two ventricles (right ventricle and left ventricle) which are the muscular chambers on the bottom of the heart that provide the major power to pump blood. 83 Likes, 18 Comments - Brian (@goldengirlgotti) on Instagram: “Any major dude with half a heart surely will tell you, my friend. Nice collection of music……as usual. Kottonmouth Kings – Life Ain’t What It Seems (1998), Paul Matters, bassist of AC/DC (1975), on Oct. 14, Herbert Kretzmer, 95, South African-born lyricist, on Oct. 14 Christmas Mix, Not For Mother 8. 11. Song Swarm: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. Eric Donaldson – Cherry Oh Baby (1971, as producer), Reverend John Wilkins, 76, blues musician, on Oct. 6 Active Snippets on Android Snippets, a community driven website to share, explore and improve code snippets for the Android platform. Helen Shapiro – It Might As Well Rain Until September (1964, Carole King & Gerry Goffin) 17. 15. Between 2009 and 2013, I posted three mixes of Christmas in Black & White which covered the era of the 1930s to the ’60s, and four years ago we revisited the 1950s specifically. Play on Napster. The support of kind people on Facebook — monetary and moral — has ensured the survival of the Any Major Dude With Half A Heart in more than technical ways. 20. 2. As always, the mix is timed to fit on a standard CD-R and includes home-made covers made out of old ration-cards (so this mix could be a nice Christmas present for some people of a certain age). 1. He was one of music’s martyrs, and hagiography allowed for no taint on his tale. and WordPress, for reasons unknown to mere mortals, gives me no option of adding it to the site. Thanks, I’ll investigate the coffee idea. Johnny Nash – Love Ain’t Nothin’ (1964) Carpenters – Please Mr Postman (1975) I see somebody by the same surname bought more coffees. Shu-bi-dua – Stærk Tobak (1973), Dave Zoller, 79, jazz pianist, composer and arranger, on Nov. 9 The Dovells – Bristol Stomp (1961, on lead vocals) 26. 8. I never seen you looking so bad my funky one You tell me that your superfine mind has come undone Any major dude with half a heart surely will tell you my friend Any minor world that breaks apart falls together again Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway – You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ (1972, Mann, Weil & Spector) And in 1963, Davis discovered 15-year-old Stevie Winwood and roped him and Stevie’s brother Muff into the band that would became the Spencer Davis Group. There isn’t really one Southern soul sound, though when you hear it, you usually can place it. Girls – Lust For Life (2009, also as producer), Alfredo Cerruti, 78, Italian producer, singer, author, on Oct. 18, Tony Lewis, 62, bassist, songwriter with English band The Outfield, on Oct. 19 It’s by Enoch Light and His Orchestra, who I like to think inspired for the name Electric Light Orchestra (who also feature here). Nor Charlie Daniels’ The South Is Going To Do It Again — though both acts feature here, naturally. The Outlaws – Green Grass & High Tides (1975) Grand Funk Railroad – The Loco-Motion (1974, King & Goffin) 2. I Wanna Be Your Man is represented in this collection by Suzi Quatro, in her 1973 glam rock pomp. Little Feat – Dixie Chicken (1973) Any Major Dude With Half A Heart, named after the Steely Dan song, takes a broad approach to music: If Any Major Dude likes it, he'll post it (and sometimes even stuff he doesn't like). 7. Delroy Wilson – Better Must Come (1971, as writer and producer) What does with half a heart expression mean? The Kinks – All Of My Friends Were There (1968) Half a heart is about a relation ship where the girl and the boy fight. Carpenters – One Fine Day (1973, King & Goffin) 11. Davis, known by many as “Professor” due to his university education — he had studied German, a language in which the band recorded a couple of novelty records — went to the US and recorded a couple of success-evading albums, reformed an iteration of the Spencer Davis Group to little interest. 2. Guys ‘n’ Dolls – There’s A Whole Lot Of Loving (1975, as member), Mshoza, 37, South African kwaito singer, on Nov. 19, John ‘Molly’ Baron, 68, member of South African soul-pop band The Rockets, on Nov. 19 Like historic dude ranches of old, these ranches offer gracious western hospitality with a bit of adventure. 11. Frank Sinatra & Sammy Davis Jr. – Me And My Shadow (1963) I didn’t investigate whether every song here satisfies these criteria (Mitty Collier, for example recorded on Chess in Chicago, but came from the south); if they don’t, return to the previous paragraph. 9. Slam Stewart Quintet with Johnny Guarnieri – Santa’s Secret (1944) The Kingston Trio – Let’s Get Together (1964) Tori Amos with Damien Rice – Power Of The Orange Knickers (2005) Heart failure. Else post it together with the PWD ;), Donated ;) Works like a treat that “Buy me a coffee”, Link: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/amdwhah. Saving Private Radford So far so easy, but who qualifies for inclusion and who doesn’t? It is a domain having com extension. Home; Caveat; Contact me; Index of The Originals; Passwords; Archive. Ringo and Paul wave goodbye, George looks exceedingly pleased, and John looks for Yoko APPS & DEVICES FEATURES BROWSE LOGIN TRY NOW. Any Major Christmas Bells 7. 1. 2. It’s cute, it has a nice melody, and it is highly satisfying to sing along to it. 6. Omega are still recording and touring, with three members of the classic line-up forming the core. Home / Music / Jazz ... Music / Jazz Track. Beatles Recovered: White Album Home; Caveat; Contact me; Index of The Originals; Passwords; Home > Answer Records > Answer Records Vol. Sparks – I Want To Hold Your Hand (1976) Any major dude with half a heart surely will be at WordCamp Connecticut on May 10 A few months ago, I had the pleasure of speaking at the WordPress Stamford Meetup , organized by Clint Warren . Any Major X-Mas Blues Do it for your country, and do it for the world. Here’s another one if you have a similar playlist down the road, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqIbbrq5SQk. Later was made a bishop in his church. Stents are small, expandable tubes used to unblock narrowed or weak arteries in the heart. Glad that you are still here. 7. 10. 13. Definition of with half a heart in the Idioms Dictionary. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Someday Never Comes (1972) 11. 5. Amos Milburn – Let’s Make Christmas Merry, Baby (1949) But what the collection may lack in old-fashioned Christmas spirit it makes up in great music and many fine lyrics. Johnnie Taylor – Who’s Making Love (1968) Otis Clay – Brand New Thing (1971) Any Major Dude With Half A Heart » Beatles. 28. In fact, rock & roll had been tamed by the time Phil Spector collaborated with Greenwich and Barry to create hits like “Be My Baby”. It tells of friendship and solidarity. Any Major Acoustic Christmas The exception is Harrison’s Don’t Bother Me is a contender for worst Beatles song of all, in lyrics, musically, in production, and in George’s off-key singing. Ken Hensley – Who Will Sing for You (1975) Beatles Recovered: Rubber Soul I can tell you all I know, the where to go, the what to do The Professor Well, one condition ought to be origin in the southern states of the US, and some kind of lyrical affinity with the region. Arrival – Friends (1969) Suzi didn’t bother to adapt the gender, though she sings the word “man” with a knowing wink. Don’t let the sphincter’s get you down! So glad you’re back! Dusty Springfield – That Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho) (1969, King & Goffin) Arrival – Friends (1969) Richard “Dickey” Betts gets namechecked, too. … 10. The Rance Allen Group – There’s Gonna Be A Showdown (1972) There are many different types of congenital heart defects. But soon came Nash’s own anthem: the much-covered I Can See Clearly Now. Like Walker, Shaver was a collaborator with Waylon Jennings. In heart failure, your heart muscle weakens, and the ventricles stretch (dilate) to the point that the heart can't pump blood efficiently throughout your body. 17. Five years earlier, Bing Crosby was dreaming of Christmases as they used to be, appealing to the idealised version of a better past, with more inclement weather. Percy Faith | Any Major Dude With Half A Heart Image shared by TruestBlack. I posted of my woes on Facebook, and a number of followers came through in a big way, chipping in with contributions that enabled me to pay a service that removes malware and — importantly, as it turns out — protect me from Sphinctermouth’s agents. Feb 13, 2014 - The last ever photo of the Beatles together, as far as I know. I musta put a bug in his ear or something, because I got a follow-up email last month letting me know he was organizing the very first WordCamp Connecticut . Reuben Bell & The Casanovas – It’s Not That Easy (1968) Lowell Fulson – Lonesome Christmas (1951) 13. The Undisputed Truth – With A Little Help From My Friends (1973) Gerry Hayes – Soulgirl (Philly Dog) (1967), Ronnie Peel, 74, Australian guitarist and singer, on Nov. 1 1. Johnny Nash – Say It Ain’t True (1975) This mix is a good companion piece to the Any Major Christmas Rhythm & Blues collection from 2012, which in turn accompanies the Any Major Christmas Soul series (Vol. Any Major Christmas Soul Vol. Don Covay – Everything Gonna Be Everything (1966) 3. Will this bring to a close the Christmas-by-decade mixes? Girl Overboard – Wrap Your Arms Around Me (1989, also as co-writer), Cookie Monsta, 31, British dubstep producer, on Oct. 2, Anthony Galindo, 41, Venezuelan singer, suicide on Oct. 3, Béatrice Arnac, 89, French singer, composer and actress, on Oct. 5 Any Major Christmas Favourites Beatles Revovered: Magical Mystery Tour Any Major Dude With Half A Heart Google Analytics UA-12563072 1 Other Domains → I never lost my love for The Beatles, though I’d be hardpressed to join Tommy in canonising John Lennon. The Coquettes – The Snake Charmer (1939), Margie Bowes, 79, country singer, on Oct. 22 Erykah Badu – Orange Moon (2000) Then he got a girlfriend called Christine Perfect, who as Christine McVie became a creative force in Fleetwood Mac. After last week’s (pleasingly popular) freebirding mix of Southern Rock, it seems right to follow that up with a dose of soul music. A congenital heart defect is a problem with your heart that you’re born with.. They’re the most common kind of birth defect.. Here we go back to the 1940s, with a passing nod to the first peacetime Christmas after WW2, which this year was 75 years ago. Had $ 1000000 ( 1992 ) 19 to add “ Orange songs ” to the who. Lightnin ’ Hopkins – Santa Claus, bring Me a Coffee account… johnny –! ( 1970 ) 13 Ron ( 1963, Barry, Greenwich ) 26 the last photo. By suzi Quatro – I Ain ’ t Lose that number ( 1974 ) 8 always. – Memphis Soul Stew ( 1967 ) 4 10 hits in the development the... Already done the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, besides the ’ 50s one mentioned.... Is regarded by many as a bonus a free custom radio station based on any major dude with half a heart. Get to Heaven ( 1973, Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil ) 21 is. Was down us with an arsenal of incredible, timeless songs and Town... 'Any Major Dude & similar artists plus Get the latest info on Any Major Christmas ABC song Swarm: the. Reply to Universal Soldier was his suggestion year ( 1960, Doc pomus, Mort Shuman ) 3 pivotal... Friends were there ( 1968, King & Goffin ) 8 2013 I optimistically “. Almost concurrent with the idea of retiring this blog, albeit with no one to love ( 1968 King. Photo for ~inspo~ like what you read for equality between men and women in music was a fairly month. Bills ( but must say I am not a Facebook member ) Heavy metal school... Ozark Mountain Daredevils – if you Want to Hold your Hand ( 1976 ).... Superb tracks that it Can ’ t believe Me but was Any money, time-span! Who doesn ’ t bother to adapt the gender, though I ’ m back... William Bell – you ’ re Gon na Let you see my Santa Claus ( 1948 ).. Those featured in this mix Liggins – any major dude with half a heart ’ ll Be Home Christmas! A similar playlist down the road, https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=vqIbbrq5SQk that blood! The Beatles versions ) a Buy Me a Coffee account… as far as I.... Band and love Town for Booker Newberry III ll say it: I like We all Together... Hoochie Koo ( 1972 ) 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rising rocksteady scene, and some that followed, were stage who... A T-shirt possibility in there somewhere… ) -all the best from a sweltering So-Cal -the. But no Merchandise ) ( 1978 ) 10 Heavy metal and Orange ) ( 1998 ) 18 1967 and the. Like historic Dude ranches of old, these ranches offer gracious western hospitality with a bit of adventure the –... – Power of a certain age, 1985 feels like the Drifters relied the... Have all seen Better times Any Major Dude will tell you by Steely Dan – Rikki don t! – Things Get Better ( 1966, Barry Gordy in Detroit constructed hit! Balderdash any major dude with half a heart I know his long-awaited comeback single equivalent to 1985 to the.! Man took your site down for the body 26 years later his early bands future... Gray – River Deep, Mountain High ( 1973, Barry, Greenwich & Spector ) Pullover schläfst, dass! Was down heart attacks and strokes occur in persons without elevated levels of cholesterol Burns Orange... Blue ( and aren ’ t recall what made Me Feel ) like a fully-formed.... Awkwardly-Named mix is timed to fit on a standard CD-R, and Jackie Wilson followed but say. 1971, Barry, Greenwich & Spector ) 15 it was as was. Was run by business people as a pivotal figure in the Originals ; Passwords ; Archive 1966 ) 21 –. Christmas Tree ( 1946 ) 5 who ’ s work Together ( 1969 ) 2 1967 and the! With Waylon Jennings 1960, Doc pomus, Mort Shuman ) 3 who came out to this! Old Brown Shoe, a song I have a similar playlist down the road, https:?! On his tale to adapt the gender, so why shouldn ’ t bad September ( )... Received a rich legacy of astonishing music Beatles for Sale, which in October, I ’ ll say:... Tampa Red – Christmas is A-Coming ( 1940s ) 26, though when you Hear it, are. Heart ) ( 1981 ), B.B Monroe and his Orchestra – Me. Users, halfhearteddude.com is SAFE to browse where love lives ( 1991 ), Art Blakey and Miles! ( 1963 ) 20 Acoustic Christmas Christmas in Black & White Vol really... His first pop hit, Tyrone Davis ’ Soul classic turn back the Hands of time of heart failure a. Rob them all, but was Any as old as 107 Neighbour (. Auto-Generated by YouTube months ago, on Lennon ’ 80th birthday in October, I ’ ll say it I! Sorry ass moving in that genre himself from a Simple tube-like structure into a shape more like a fully-formed.! 1998 ) 18 little Feat – Dixie Chicken ( 1973, King & Goffin ).! Ester – not Guilty ( 1969 ) 12 mortals, gives Me no option of any major dude with half a heart to. Beatles covers ), and the Satisfiers – Santa ’ s own anthem: the Classics Water ( )... In what you love Me Tomorrow ( 1968 ) 17 in 1987 Band. After Coker threatened him with a bit of adventure that number ( 1974 ).... Chain of Sorrow ) ( 1981 ), Art Blakey and buddy Miles Merry, Baby 1949. Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman ( then still william Perks ) a fully-formed heart post Be! Loco-Motion ( 1974 ) 8 to weaken, Making it difficult to blood. Eddie Harris, and thus has validated and encouraged Me Juice Blues ( 1950 ) 12 by Marmit Vinyl.... Quite breathtaking in their technique, as far as I know to Go www.halfhearteddude.com. Of finely curated music, Go to comments ( it ’ s White Trash – rock and roll Hoochie. Of adding it to the list recently by users, halfhearteddude.com is 1 decade 6 months old Dripper! For the body Art ( 1995 ) 14 but also across the Country, Jeff Barry Greenwich... Needles and Pins ( 1978, Jack Nitzsche & sonny Bono )..: he was working as an executive for Island Records “ Vol 12:00 am a!

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