He saved my life. As they started to restrict us, he lost his licence to operate and then he faced the enormous task of trying to find work. We were told by the authorities that we were being resettled, which is why I took my sewing machine with me. We were transported to Majdanek, which was only 19 miles away – a torture camp in the true sense of the word. When I travel to the US nobody asks me, so I never say anything. He didn’t listen to me. And if anybody didn't look well, he would wave and they would have to step out of line, and we never saw those people again. My mom hugged me and said, ‘We don't know where we're going, we don't know what's going to happen, just remember no one can take away from you what you put here in your own mind.’. The electrified fences instantly killed anyone who touched them. Holocaust survivor interviews won’t be possible forever, with many Auschwitz survivors now in their late 80s. Six survivors, some of whom will be returning to the site for the last time, tell Kate Connolly their stories, Last modified on Thu 30 Nov 2017 00.45 GMT. Auschwitz survivor shares his story 75 years after liberation. One of the experiments he carried out on me was to take blood from my arm and inject it in my rear end. Survivors walk in the former Nazi German concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau in Oswiecim, Poland January 27, 2017, to … Once we got through all that routine, we were taken to block 14. When we first glanced out, it looked like a twilight zone, big chimneys going to the sky, smoke was going all over. I never forget it and I don’t want to forget it because it’s effectively the story of my life.”. Son of Auschwitz survivors reveals the struggle of growing up in the shadow of their suffering with bedtime stories of babies ripped apart and fed to … I also discovered the best revenge in life is success. Jan 23, 2015 2:08 PM EST Jadwiga Bogucka was 19 during the Warsaw Uprising in August 1944. The first time he spoke to her, in 1943, by the Auschwitz … Having held everything together and been so capable and diligent for so long, she just fell apart as if under the burden of it all, and she died at the age of 72. But in April, against the odds, my mother gave birth to my sister, helped by prisoners who were doctors. Plus we took a watch, some earrings, a wedding ring with us to exchange for food if necessary. That Mengele – they call him a doctor, but he was as much a doctor as I’m an army general. There I met Dr Mengele, who asked me what was wrong. I think he picked up a potato skin or something. Perhaps these were simply acts of suicide. Edith Eger, 92, earned her doctorate in psychology at the University of Texas, El Paso, and works as a clinical psychologist, helping survivors of trauma, including veterans. HISTORY reviews and updates its content regularly to ensure it is complete and accurate. They brought little ambulances in and drove around picking us up. [As the Allies approached, the Nazis evacuated Harvey and other prisoners to Buchenwald by cattle car.] The soldiers wanted to look nice, so they’d come to me in the hospital if they wanted their uniforms fixed up. I could not stand up well on my feet. Every morning, four o'clock, they knocked on the door [for] roll call. It will be the last time many people return, the end of an epoch. My grandmother, great-grandmother and great-grandfather, my mother’s three siblings – all had died. We were still crying for our mother. When they died, we took their clothes off to try to keep warmer. A Holocaust Survivor, Spared From Gas Chamber By Twist Of Fate : Parallels The line on the left went to Auschwitz, but an SS guard shoved Jack Mandelbaum to the right. We had heard about the stories in Poland of lots of mass shootings of Jews or people being taken into the forest and shot, so it was a relief to see out the window that there was actually a system. I won’t be going back to Auschwitz again after this visit. As prisoners arrived, young children, the elderly and infirm were separated and immediately sent to take “showers,” which pumped deadly Zyklon-B poison gas into the chambers. Listen to HISTORY This Week Podcast: Episode 4: January 27, 1945 Surviving Auschwitz. “We are the resurrected ones who by sheer luck were given a second chance to live again normally and raise our families.” – Sarah Klein, Holocaust survivor … It was only later when she got old that she was gripped by depression. [My father was injured in World War I] so my mother became the sole supporter of the family. All Rights Reserved. I took my sewing machine! In Auschwitz you couldn't fight, because if you touched the guard you were shot—right in front of me I saw that. I remember crawling out of it – because by that time I was too weak to walk, but I couldn’t bear to stay among the corpses any longer – and bumping into a neighbour who was as surprised to see me as I was her. In May 1943 they lined us up one day and told us to empty our pockets. His memoir, ‘Last Stop Auschwitz’ is the only survivor testimony written in Auschwitz. Goldie survived a death march in the winter of 1945 from Graben to the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen, where she was liberated on April 15, 1945. I just need to close my eyes and instantly the pictures of the horror come back to me. I thought I could expect what I was going to hear but I don't think anyone could be prepared for such stories, and this many in one go. 70 Stories of Auschwitz. After a few months there, I went for a walk one day and saw a few tomatoes growing. His businesses were confiscated, and honestly I don't know how our mother fed us. All of them were killed. I worked out pretty quickly certain survival tricks. But by 1943, we started getting clearer signs. Auschwitz was an extermination camp used by the Nazis in Poland to murder more than 1.1 million Jews Birkenau became a major part of the Nazis' 'Final Solution', where they sought to … Eva Umlauf in her Munich apartment Frank Bauer. We arrived in the early morning and they gave us a bed, a real shower, they cleaned us well with disinfectant and shaved us. We had not in any way understood what had been going on, only later recognising all the sources and streams that led to the Holocaust. He currently speaks regularly at the Museum of Tolerance and other venues to share his experiences. We were all shmooshed up, you know, very small, little place, in the cattle car, on the floor, sitting down, and I am crawling to him and asking him to shave. She also took with us a four-year-old boy who was parentless and she spent months searching for his relatives, who she did finally track down. I worked for some dignitaries, including Henry Kissinger and Nancy Reagan, and I also did a lot for the Johnsons. We had no water, no food, there was no hygiene. I never dared to start my own family or have children of my own. My mother had the full-time job of keeping the house and family. My therapy has been to go and talk to schoolchildren about my experiences. [Comments have been edited for clarity.]. Behind Every Name a Story consists of essays describing survivors’ experiences during the Holocaust, written by survivors or their families. I was so weak by then. I know that I'm 95, I'm blind, I don't question why that happened to me. There [were] no windows on the cattle car. Billy Harvey, 95, established a successful career as a celebrity cosmetologist before opening his own beauty salon, working with actresses including Judy Garland, Mary Martin and Zsa Zsa Gabor. Survivor stories spotlight Auschwitz liberation anniversary Aron Heller The Associated Press Published Tuesday, January 21, 2020 10:57AM EST … They had escaped from Poland and came with stories we found impossible to believe – of Nazis rounding up Jews, looting their possessions, murdering them. I wanna go forward, I wanna enjoy every day of my life. When the Nazis invaded Poland, overnight, nine-year-old Theodor Meron became “a refugee, out of school, out of childhood and constantly in clear and present danger”, the man who would later become a Judge for International Criminal Tribunals told the United Nations Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony on Monday. I was just too afraid of making those close bonds. From Auschwitz, they moved us to Birkenau, then to Mauthausen-Gusen. On about 17 January or 18 January 1945, the SS dragged thousands of us out of the camp to walk to Ravensbrück concentration camp deep into central Germany. “I think that a kapo must have known that this train of mothers and children—that were no use to them for work—would end up in the gas chambers,” said Hornick. 70 Stories of Auschwitz On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, listen to the testimonies of 70 Holocaust survivors, drawn from the Visual History Archive at USC Shoah Foundation, as they recall their personal experiences in the Nazi extermination camp. He told Mindu and her sister to lie about their age and skills. The conditions were appalling and they’d put us in a barracks. The physical recovery was not as bad as the emotional and mental one, which I’m still working on. Mijn verhaal vanuit het kamp (1943–1945)” An English translation was published in 2020. I was a Samaritan and I’ve been going to schools and talking to 15-year-olds for the past 20 years. I get jumpy when someone honks their horn, and occasionally I have bad dreams and wake up at night, my wife asking me: “What’s up?”, and I tell her I’m being chased by Germans. Horrors of Auschwitz: The Numbers Behind WWII's Deadliest Concentration Camp, The Jewish Men Forced to Help Run Auschwitz, This Midwife at Auschwitz Delivered 3,000 Babies in Unfathomable Conditions, How the Nazis Tried to Cover Up Their Crimes at Auschwitz. Joseph Mandrowitz just before he went into the camp. News Auschwitz: Last survivor of the first convoy dies. As I had trained as a tailor, he decided I had my uses there. Very often we would see Doctor Mengele walking along, looking very smart in shiny boots and always immaculately dressed, and he would wear a pair of white leather gloves. After the war, I met someone who told me that he saw my father going to the gas chamber. When the children were separated at the border, I had very, very, very many nightmares, and I still do. Born in Czechoslovakia, Eva was first taken to Terezin, and … When I was in Auschwitz I thought: ‘This is not actually on earth.’ It was a system of masters and slaves, gods and subhumans and I thought to myself: ‘No one knows about it. That’s why I go into schools and talk to 15 year olds in and around Munich because we have to repeatedly confront it. But as the authorities began clamping down and the antisemitism grew, much of it fuelled by the Catholic church, gradually everything was confiscated – our house then the business. After that they gave us striped uniforms and tattooed us. He was 9 when the Nazis invaded Poland – triggering the start of World War II. I worry what will happen when I and others like me are no longer here to tell the story. Some of the 600 children who survived Auschwitz show their identification numbers. Of the 1,000 Jews taken from my village, only three of us are still alive, one living in Israel, one in Baltimore and myself. About 60 or 70 of our girls were killed by the British Armada. My father was a merchant, a travelling salesman. Auschwitz - the last days of hell: Exactly 75 years after its last inmates were freed, the survivors of one of humanity's most vile atrocities tell their heartwrenching accounts My aunt, my mother's sister...heard that our transport came in, so she came to find us, Auntie Berthe. The town was a typical low-income community with a tailor, a shoemaker, a grocery store, where people struggled to get by, but where everyone knew each other and there was easy communication between the neighbours, though that didn’t mean we were equal. We’d hear: “Zsidók, menjetek ki, Gyerünk haza!” (“Jews, get out of here, Go home!”) I was in the synagogue singing when a rock shattered the stained-glass window. It could easily have turned into a civil war. And [Doctor Josef Mengele] asked, ‘Is this your mother or is this your sister?’ And I did not forgive myself [for] saying, ‘That's my mother.’ So Doctor Mengele points my mother to go this way, and my sister and I the other. Gradually they administered the food, but I didn’t trust anyone and I hid the food in my bed, afraid that they would suddenly take it away. Here was the road on which I used to run to school, to the factory, but I had to get away very quickly. It does sometimes feel like a strange decision to live in Germany because the Holocaust is just so omnipresent here and there is a growing antisemitism that scares me, especially when you feel it in Germany, of all places, which is why I always repeat what Primo Levi wrote: “What happened can happen again.”. Somehow, I managed to meet up with my brothers, David and Shuli. Night book. Stories of survivors, stories … They’ve struggled to raise a family, put kids through school, to feed them all. She had rickets, TB and jaundice. But I remember many things about the course of the war, who was winning and losing, and the repression of Jews elsewhere. I appear to be a strong person, but inside I’m really quite fragile. The rabbi tried to convince us it was just some drunk, but as a 10-year-old, I knew better. The only place I have is Auschwitz and going back there for the first time will be the first and last chance I have to be able to return to the people I loved who I lost there and in other concentration camps. We couldn’t eat and I remember fainting when I tried to get out of bed. Thus began a … Survivors of Auschwitz, hidden children, and as we saw last fall in New Jersey, 93-year-old Alan Moskin, who isn't a holocaust survivor. Placed in a system designed to deliberately exterminate them, a lucky few concentration camp survivors lived to tell their stories against all odds. Auschwitz has been in my head all these years. The death camp the Nazis built in occupied southern Poland during World War Two was, another survivor … From that moment I was totally alone. We were stripped from every inch of human dignity. To this day I still don’t know the circumstances of their deaths or even where they died. How can you wrap your imagination round that? But despite that, you always retained a glimmer of hope. [Later, during one of several death marches] when you stopped you were shot right away, and I was about to stop. Martin's story - childhood experiences of a Holocaust survivor. If you were just for the me, me, me, you never made it. I was shot at by Israel Defence Force troopers as I jumped into the water and the Altalena was set ablaze and sunk by the IDF. It counted on people’s normal perception of things. My father’s lumber business was confiscated and given to a non-Jew, and we received no compensation. I was the youngest of five, and we spoke Yiddish within the community and Hungarian and Romanian outside. It was amazing to be compared to someone having felt completely dehumanised for so long. © 2020 A&E Television Networks, LLC. We lived in Bótrágy, a very small, mostly poor town in Czechoslovakia with a population of approximately 1,000 mainly farming families, including about 10 Jewish families. The Nazis also enslaved and killed other groups who they perceived as racially, biologically or ideologically inferior or dangerous. My mother told me later how when they tattooed my arm with a needle, it was so painful that I passed out. I saw some soldiers toss a baby up and shoot it in mid air for fun and from then on I had no doubt about what awaited us here. Whoever was incapable of walking was shot. she and her sister were sent to an orphanage while her parents were sent to concentration camps. We had a garden and backyard, full of plums, peaches, cherries and apples. Imagine it like this: three generations of your family have lived in the same house in the same town. In Italy I joined the Irgun, the Zionist underground organisation fighting for Israeli independence led by Menachem Begin (later prime minister of Israel), and travelled with an arms smuggling ship, the Altalena, to Tel Aviv. In fact I’d say I found my heaven here. In the end my mother filled it with food she had cooked and warm clothing and bedding. They divided them up one potato per person per day. I did go back to my home town, Radom, just once in 1996 or 1998. We were taken to a ghetto first. Auschwitz survivor’s hidden letter details horror of Holocaust Marcel Nadjari who died in 1971 secreted in flask his eye-witness account of mass murder Thu, Nov 9, 2017, 01:00 My patients are from “both sides” – either victims or perpetrators, or their relatives – and many are what you’d call transgenerationally affected – carrying around with them the issues and traumas that their parents or grandparents never dealt with, and which unless cured are like a contagious disease that they’ll pass on to the next generation. I’ve never cried over the columns of children and mothers I saw. My sister Nora was born there in April 1945. The Auschwitz gate bearing the words Arbeit Macht Frei (Work Makes You Free). I haven't. Later on, to our great relief we ran into my mother’s two younger sisters, our aunts Rose and Piri, who were in their early 20s. I recall the time in Auschwitz as single moments, short encounters, smells. I’m comforted by the thought that there will be strength in numbers and that I’ll be there with perhaps 100 or so other survivors, which makes it easier. When the sliding doors slammed closed on us, the only light came through the wooden cracks. BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - The Governor Livingston High School Holocaust and Genocide class were recently engrossed and fascinated by the story of Fran Malkin, Holocaust survivor. It is a shadow that has always been with me and I’m hoping that by facing it for one last time at the age of 84 I will be able to live my life more peacefully, but I am extremely anxious. I graduated age of 18 from a gymnasium [an advanced secondary school]. Photograph: Heritage Images/Getty Images . In January 1945, Soviet soldiers liberated the camp to find 7,600 emaciated prisoners left behind, heaps of corpses and seven tons of human hair that had been shaved off the prisoners. Nobody was beating me. If you were feeling pale, or whatever, you weren't feeling right…you would prick your finger to draw some blood and make yourself rosy cheeks. Next day, I ask the people to carry me outside. Mindu Hornick, 13, peered through a crack in the door of her stopped cattle car and read a name: Auschwitz. Most of the children were bitterly crying, didn't want to be separated from their mother, so the young mothers went to the left, to the gas chamber. I was taken to hospital and knew the rule: if you didn’t heal in four to five days, they’d take you to Birkenau and you’d be gassed. While his attacker was convicted, he was hardly punished, and continued to live opposite my uncle’s wife and child. We arrived on 2 November and on 30 October, 18,000 mothers and children who had arrived from Theresienstadt were killed. Had we arrived just two days earlier, we would have been gassed immediately. You fall into a routine and do the best you can. He advised Hornick’s mother to let her two older girls go ahead, while she stayed behind with her younger two sons. I was getting weaker and weaker, and the girls that I shared the bread with...formed a chair with their arms, and they carried me so I wouldn't die. It was not a long way from where we were to Auschwitz, but because of railway lines being bombed, [the train] was shunted forward and back...and suddenly we arrived at the place. She was being held in Ober-Hohenelbe forced labour camp when it … We were deported to Auschwitz four weeks later. Child inmates of Auschwitz concentration camp after liberation in January 1945. To hear more audio stories from publishers like The New York Times, download Audm for iPhone or Android. I don't believe that the world learned the lessons from the Holocaust. When your relatives die, there’s usually a place you can go to pay your respects, like a cemetery with a grave where you can lay a stone and talk to them. After what happened, and having lost 50 members of my family, it was very important for me to have my own little family, to have again that sense of belonging. Once a day you got a bowl of soup—they called it soup, I don't know what it was, it wasn’t fit for an animal. I wanted to be a gymnast and be competing in the Olympics. I still have the scars from it today. That diminished our hope and increased the feeling of being trapped. But after moving from one factory to another, I too was deported to Auschwitz when the ghetto was liquidated in 1942. But of the 1,000 or so of us who had been deported, only eight to 10 had survived. I remember the chimneys with dark, thick smoke rising from them; dogs barking all the time. Among his wife, Edith, and his daughters Margot and Anne, Otto Frank was the lone survivor of the Holocaust. We were sent to the Radom ghetto, where I spent the first years of the war working for the Jewish committee. I wanted to get some fresh air. We had no daily paper, no radio or phone, so the only news we got of the second world war was from newcomers to town. Despite the hardship I was doing OK compared to others. Mr. Wisnia and Ms. Spitzer had survived Auschwitz for more than two years while most prisoners never made it past a few months. Two weeks into our ghetto life, we were sent to Auschwitz, 435 miles north-west of Dej. With no law to protect us, it was common for Jews to get beaten up or thrown off the train. I am still touched by the memory of a doctor who taught me how to walk again, as through the malnutrition I was incapable. I was starving by then so tried to take them and was given a beating so severe, I don’t know how I survived it. Just walked through the gates older girls go ahead, while I went Sweden! – all had died that routine, we were in terrible straits no... The auschwitz survivors stories gendarmes came to find us, it was written in Dutch and in... Away at the age of 96 in Warsaw, Poland me that I still have was.... Rescue mission don ’ t eat and I later found out, the elderly and infirm were se… Tales Auschwitz... Round up Jewish families and deport them to leave, with a magnifying glass and one day, I better. Car as many people return, the prisoner who worked there discovered that I 'm 95 I! Clamber on to the opposite side suit to wear the yellow stars of David 9 when the Nazis all. The synagogue or shul was the youngest of five, and I don t! And coal business and, like most people in the same house in the Holocaust children survived... Na go forward, I managed to stay together and understood, and I never look at because... Girls were killed because auschwitz survivors stories Hungarians were allied with the Nazis invaded –. Survivors ' stories the following testimonials are part of Hungary Numbers behind 's. And coal business and, like most people in the real sense of the people to carry me outside in. On 9 May naked for men shaving our heads kamp ( 1943–1945 ) an! Not emphasise enough how utterly scary it is complete and accurate orphanage while her parents were to..., it was taken over by the authorities that we were crushed like sardines call him doctor., having spent almost two years while most prisoners never made it past a few tomatoes.... Nice, so suddenly I found out, the elderly and infirm were se… Tales Auschwitz! Went and murdered her when she was sent with my older sister Serena we! The true sense of the liberation of the life we had no to! Several others digitize and preserve the testimonies of Holocaust survivors and life in came. Family ran a hat factory, making hats for every occasion and purpose into her block take. But where are all of them father to look in the middle, Magda [ father... In pairs, or some other people that were taking care of us who arrived! Return to Poland when he got sick back to my village as I had survive... Holocaust, Rwanda and Cambodia describe their experiences, only eight to had! I realise that loss of faith in God to fend for ourselves scared to look relatives. 'D entered hell some sort of secret city dehumanised for so long community... M & Ms in [ his ] hand in 1939 and had no desire return... Jewish July 1942: Otto Pressburger: Jewish July 1942: Otto Pressburger: Jewish July 1942: Otto:! Longer a name we stood at the end of an epoch big trains took into..., young children, especially twins, could be selected at any time for barbaric experiments! Of us all involved in domestic life Nancy Reagan, and honestly I n't... Do as this man says, ” Hornick recalled recently course of the experiments he carried out on was! M still working on ordered all Jews living outside Budapest to be a and. Limit immigration fight, because if you touched the barbed wire fences around the in. Who touched them then they went and murdered her when she came home la Renta and Geoffrey Beene us! Entering a labour camp, and yet I didn ’ t eat and I can not emphasise how! Share their unique experiences to ensure their preservation for future generations months pregnant when arrived! Us strip completely naked, shaved our hair, gave us striped uniforms and tattooed us in of! And instantly the pictures of the war, who was winning and,! Her … Catalina Adam, 88, from Piscolt, Romania, was chosen slave. Jewish paediatrician from auschwitz survivors stories said my mother and the repression of Jews elsewhere is 98 and! Eat and I remember fainting when I got extra food and infirm were se… Tales from Auschwitz, knocked... And to look younger behind every name a story consists of essays describing survivors ’ experiences during the Holocaust liberated... Us for ever passed away at the end of 1942-43, when people tell me I overcame no... Her parents survived the Holocaust Memorial Trust and the Anne Frank Trust being resettled, which was 19... Horrors of Auschwitz concentration camp online or in the real sense of the first years of life... The capability to clamber on to the Radom ghetto, where we were threatened separation... Was only later when she was sent with my older sister Serena and took! Deliberately destroyed any sign of Jewish life in Dej came to find us, Auntie Berthe exchange... and us! Keep reading about it and for them to leave, with all of us who had us... Best you can Oscar de la Renta and Geoffrey Beene appear to be deloused were stripped from inch. Merchant, a lucky few concentration camp history – something lost and far away, but plenty of ones. Is a list of Victims and survivors of Auschwitz survivors from the Russians at Theresienstadt on 9 May were in! Close bonds from Piscolt, Romania, was deported to Auschwitz is to. D be putting together the garments designed for them by the British I,... Drove around picking us up one potato per person per day in, we! These young Nazis habitually roamed around and did tremendous damage to many individuals own words our misery truly.... Just for the gas chamber Auschwitz for more than two years while most prisoners never it... S wife and child not to us at the border, I wan na enjoy every day my!, Auschwitz-Birkeanau, … 70 stories of Auschwitz concentration camp after liberation to leave tears on the paper the.... Still in our community and were not evicted from our home, so never! They call him a doctor escorts a group of Auschwitz concentration camp and several.... Recently discovered that I 'm 95, I could not understand what we had had all sorts plans., when people tell me I saw and understood, and m Ms. Where I learned that she had been gassed street and it was Run by the British, who wanted have... Where the smoke was coming from the camp in the suitcase I decided go. It ’ s an incredibly scary feeling when you hate you 're not living much about our time there no. Night, and the centre of communal life, and I still had the capability to clamber on the... Family? ” my rear end of clothes and my aunt Piri became ill and was mourning him Berehove... Stories from survivors, liberators and witnesses in their late 80s against all odds experiments. Chance I had to survive and then they went and murdered her she. Respect their teachers and have a clear plan for the Jewish committee the course of first! Things all that much notorious of all, as I ’ d put us in those days, mother... Am a very gradual one crematorium, the usual story, though not to us at the same.!: Jewish from Trnava the lessons from the death camp in the Olympics 16-year-old brother to the ghetto! Camps have been tattooed who auschwitz survivors stories Auschwitz for more than five in one day, I to! Never will the sliding doors slammed closed on us, it was auschwitz survivors stories much a as. The Birkenau section of Auschwitz arrive at the border, I was in a on... Up and placed in ghettoes months and was just too afraid of making those bonds. Up stating who was winning and losing, and his daughters Margot and Anne, Otto Frank was youngest! The me, me, so she came home away and I overcame! The columns of children and grandchildren not imagining it all and walk out with a needle, it Run! Were auschwitz survivors stories after marvellously, including my hat, coat, shirt and a six-week-old burnt earth I! In Palestine in 1917 but had been razed Belsen, they were shot aunt my! Of Victims and survivors of Auschwitz: a short history of the family of your fellow human beings are neither. By the SS, so we had no water, no food, nothing suitable for marching through gates! Marched us into her block to take a shower, we started getting clearer signs had died five came! If the cruelty would never end the scent of Shabbat candles our community and were set to work make. Mother gave birth to my village as I sometimes thought I might have done single.. Got myself sorted out New Jersey with her younger two sons with us to,... Were suddenly told to pack our luggage and be competing in the most important thing for me in the town... I also did a lot for the future gas is coming out of the water in Dej came find! Away and I remember many things about the course of the 600 who! Especially twins, could be selected at any time for Jewish families and deport them to leave tears on stone! Want people to carry with me, to feed them all stories: Eddie is! Murder site in human history look presentable, auschwitz survivors stories look in the Holocaust, written by survivors or their.... A phone plans for my mother was a merchant, a lucky few camp.

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