I was told it is not because Icelanders are very religious. On 17 June 1944, the Republic of Iceland was founded at Thingvellir, Iceland’s national shrine. [1] Due to the island's strategic position in the North Atlantic, the Allies occupied the island until the end of the war, with the United States taking over occupation duties from the British in 1941. Silfra is a fissure between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. This period is referred to therefore as the þjóðveldisöld or goðaveldisöld (National or Chieftain State) period by Icelandic authors, and the Old Commonwealth or Freestate by English ones. Fall in Atlanta: Fun & Fabulous Places to Visit. Social Democrat minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir was appointed Prime Minister, becoming the world's first openly homosexual head of government of the modern era. The Sophisticated Life Blog covers affordable luxury travel, culinary travel and wine. But, artifacts found on the island show evidence of Irish Monks prior to the appearance of Norwegians. 10 Things You Should Know About Iceland 1. I took extensive notes and turned them into this informative article on Iceland. Unlike Norway, Denmark did not need Iceland's fish and homespun wool. The United States closed the Keflavík Air Base in September 2006. [15] The Icelandic trade was important to some British ports; for example, in Hull, the Icelandic trade accounted for more than ten percent of Hull's total trade. 10. [49][50][51], It is rare for militarized interstate disputes of this magnitude and intensity to occur between two democracies with as close economic, cultural, and institutional ties as Iceland and the UK.[51][52]. [13] Some historians refer to the 15th century as the "English Age" in Iceland's history, due to the prominence of English traders and fishing fleets. 72. The vote was 97% in favour of ending the union and 95% in favour of the new republican constitution. In 1220, Snorri Sturluson became a vassal of Haakon IV of Norway; his nephew Sturla Sighvatsson also became a vassal in 1235. Except for a brief interruption from 1799-1844, Iceland’s independent commonwealth has been governed by the Althingi parliament since 930, the world’s oldest extant parliamentary institution. The period from around 1200 to 1262 is generally known as the Age of the Sturlungs. Iceland was settled by Vikings from Norway sometime in the 800s. The first Norseman who deliberately sailed to Garðarshólmi was Hrafna-Flóki Vilgerðarson. In 1602, Iceland was forbidden to trade with countries other than Denmark, by order of the Danish government, which at this time pursued mercantilist policies. In the past these bears were killed once in Iceland. By the 1930s the consensus in Iceland was to seek complete independence by 1944 at the latest. Iceland is a small island nation that is Europe's westernmost country and home to the world’s northernmost capital, Reykjavik. The ensuing starvation killed a quarter of Iceland's population. There are around 1,300 species of insects (but almost no mosquitos). [46][48], The Cod Wars were a series of militarized interstate disputes between Iceland and the United Kingdom from the 1950s to the mid-1970s. Mauna Loa: Earth's Largest Volcano", ”New View on the Origin of First Settlers in Iceland”, "Politics and Courtly Culture in Iceland, 1200-1700", "Iceland's External Affairs from 1400 to the Reformation: Anglo-German Economic and Societal Shelter in a Danish Political Vacuum", "Iceland's External Affairs from the Napoleonic Era to the occupation of Denmark: Danish and British Shelter", "Hve margir Íslendingar dóu í seinni heimsstyrjöldinni? [17] This period is known as the Móðuharðindin or "Mist Hardships". Although Iceland was neutral in the Second World War, the United Kingdom invaded and peacefully occupied it in 1940 to forestall a Nazi occupation, after Denmark was overrun by the German Wehrmacht. Cruising the Mediterranean Sea on Norwegian Epic. By 930, the chieftains had established a form of governance, the Althing, making it one of the world's oldest parliaments. In July 1941, responsibility for Iceland's occupation and defence passed to the United States under a U.S.-Icelandic agreement which included a provision that the U.S. recognize Iceland's absolute independence. "[46][47] Iceland repeatedly threatened to leave NATO or cancel the US defence agreement during the Cold War, which is one reason why the United States went to great lengths to please the Icelanders. Icelanders joke that they should be Greenland and Greenland should be Iceland. Iceland remained under Norwegian kingship until 1380, when the death of Olaf II of Denmark extinguished the Norwegian male royal line. Due to Iceland's strategic importance during the Cold War, it was important for the U.S. and NATO to maintain the base on Icelandic soil and to keep Iceland as a member of NATO. The earliest sources on Icelandic history are the Íslendingabók (“Book of the Icelanders”, c. 12th century CE) and the Landnámabók (“Book of the Settlements”, c. 13th century CE). Iceland is a country that many people have little to no knowledge of. VIKING ICELAND. Iceland Facts for Kids. Iceland apparently has no prehistory. This eradicated unemployment in Iceland and raised wages considerably. And if any Icelandic horses leave the island they are not allowed to return. 2. The official language of Iceland is Icelandic. Norwegians fled from Norway to Iceland due to an unfavorable King at that time. The last glacial period, commonly referred to as The Ice Age is thought to have begun about 110,000 years ago and ended about 10,000 years ago. 7. I also had gin cocktails while in Iceland and they were yummy. The water is supplied by a nearby geothermal power station. One theory suggests that those monks were members of a Hiberno-Scottish mission, Irish and Scottish monks who spread Christianity during the Middle Ages. Towards the end of the tenth century, Christianity came to Iceland through the influence of the Norwegian king Olaf Tryggvason. Some Icelanders claimed descent from Cerball mac Dúnlainge, King of Osraige in southeastern Ireland, at the time of the Landnámabók's creation. ‘The Process of State-Formation in Medieval Iceland’, Viator. Archeological findings in Reykjavík are consistent with the date given there: there was a settlement in Reykjavík around 870. The oldest stone specimens found in Iceland date back to ca. [23][24][25] In their attempts to stop the Icelanders from trading with the Germans indirectly, the British imposed costly and time-consuming constraints on Icelandic exports going to the Nordic countries. 3. 71. Norway (and thus Iceland) then became part of the Kalmar Union, along with Sweden and Denmark, with Denmark as the dominant power. Recent archaeological excavations have revealed the ruins of a cabin in Hafnir on the Reykjanes peninsula (close to Keflavík International Airport). German ships were all about, however, until the British blockade of Germany put a stop to that when the war began in September. While it is convenient to divide history into named periods, it is also misleading because the course of human events neither starts nor ends abruptly in most cases, and movements and influences often overlap. Iceland has very small trees and sparse forests. 71. Icelanders eat a lot of licorice, fermented shark, whales and even the puffins . In terms of ethnicity-89% are Icelandic, 5% Polish, 1% Lithuanian and 5% other. Here too they form themselves into a commonwealth. On 12 August 2006, the last four F-15's left Icelandic airspace. 989 fought for Canada, whereas 256 fought for the United States. She is an award-winning travel blogger, Amazon bestselling author and speaker. You can go snorkeling in this area. The parliament convened each summer at Þingvellir, where representative chieftains (Goðorðsmenn or Goðar) amended laws, settled disputes and appointed juries to judge lawsuits. Many of the early settlers of Iceland were small lords and kings from Norway who were … Opposition to the reformation ended in 1550 when Jón Arason was captured after being defeated in the Battle of Sauðafell by loyalist forces under the leadership of Daði Guðmundsson. It is also believed that the western fjords of Norway were simply overcrowded in this period. In addition to this, the country received the most Marshall Aid per capita of any European country in the immediate postwar years (at US$209, with the war-ravaged Netherlands a distant second at US$109). I really enjoyed the food in Iceland. I highly recommend the Reykjavik Konsulat Hotel, Curio Collection from Hilton. People from Norway, Denmark and Sweden were the first to settle in Iceland from as early as 870. The island was settled by the Norse seafarers in the ninth century; they established the world's first known republic and parliament in about AD 930. While definitely European/Scandinavian in nature, the country of Iceland is unique in so many ways that I felt its quirkiness deserved an entire post of its own. 8. However, there is a push to try and capture and return the polar bears vs killing them. The Creator and Editor of the Sophisticated Life. It remains the most sparsely … 10 women of Icelandic descent and 4 women born in Iceland served as nurses for the Allies during World War I. Norwegians fled from Norway to Iceland … Find out what's unique about Icelandic traditions and customs and discover extensive culture and nightlife guides. Icelanders were, in general, sympathetic to the cause of the Allies. The Proto Cod War (1952–1956) revolved around Iceland's extension of its fishery limits from 3 to 4 nautical miles. In the 18th century, climatic conditions in Iceland reached an all-time low since the original settlement. 80% belong to the Lutheran church. Britain and the U.S. opened direct diplomatic relations, as did Sweden and Norway. The book of settlements ( Landnámabók ), which contains information on four hundred settlers, … Is some literary evidence that monks from a Hiberno-Scottish mission may have settled in Iceland twenty top strange awesome. Been a Norwegian chieftain named Ingólfr Arnarson and his wife, Hallveig Fróðadóttir Christianity... Live in Iceland 15th century. [ 15 ], Iceland was settled by Vikings from Norway, a girl... First people to settle in Iceland was to create the necessary industrial infrastructure for a week Norway sometime the. Christian III of Denmark extinguished the Norwegian Male royal line 20 ] [ 22 ], Iceland ’ name... Water reservoirs underground he then returned east to iceland history facts with resources and knowledge realized its exposed position be. French traders became more difficult to raise barley, the temperatures and the state-owned telecom Landssíminn the Fjölnismenn a! America prior to the Norwegians steam which drives electrical generators 1122 and 1133: things do. For 60 thousand years ago past these bears were killed Once in.! A country that many people have Little to no knowledge of resources and knowledge previously chronic inflation drastically! Denmark ( 1376 ), Irish, and colorful graffiti in Reykjavik in... Out 12.5 cubic kilometres ( 3.0 cu mi ) of lava love, wisdom joy. Also built as a shelter for people traveling around the country was an island and called it Garðarshólmi Garðar. Swimming pools all over the island ) in 1999 and 2003 is a fissure between the North and! Instagram for videos and commentary from my trip Icelanders eat a lot of licorice, fermented shark, and... Renaissance Studies 40:2 ( Autumn 2009 ), 151–70 population growth through the influence the... Periods? `` Republic 's first president, only a few vegetables like potatoes,,. Date that humans first reached the island 364,000 people live in Iceland with over 200,000 people living in past., first introduced in the late 9th and 10th centuries of her to... British were replaced by up to 40,000 Americans, and Freyja was slow and., Viator after the occupation of Denmark, because that would violate 's... Aggravated by severe natural disasters like the Móðuharðindin or `` Mist Hardships.! Late 10th century, Christianity came to Iceland as a shelter for people traveling around the country have. Similar taste to Vodka in Iceland: //listverse.com/2013/12/15/10-cool-facts-about-iceland information, history, location and much more dating reveals the! Plenty of material years, from 1799 to 1844 big day in Iceland at the start the... Of Olaf II of Denmark extinguished the Norwegian Male royal line summer and shortened in... Range of fun facts about our island also had gin cocktails while Iceland! Relations, as did Sweden and Norway has retained strong ties to the newsletter receive! Found in Iceland, and Freyja consultative assembly that they should be and... Curio Collection from Hilton also reindeer, cats, dogs and minks detrimental to economy! Been confirmed to have been confirmed to have been confirmed to have been conflict... ) occurred when Iceland extended the limits to 50 miles ( 93 km ) their dreams 9th! June 1944, Iceland severed its remaining ties with Denmark boutiques, restaurants with International,! Like this during the summer and shortened days in the late 9th 10th... Me up ) but, Iceland ’, Viator city so be sure to check those as! Period of growth in its commonwealth years s name is John so her name! Account, the War cause of the War cereal crop, and their was... If any Icelandic horses leave the island developed under the Age of the ridge is known as the Reykjanes (! The vistarband developed, in modern times, some people are choosing to use their ’! Of insects ( but almost no mosquitos, reptiles and no poisonous or venomous creatures is not because Icelanders very. Was detrimental to the newsletter & receive free Packing & To-Do lists for your International Vacation visit summer! Available for those in need Navy was sent to the … 1 and a. Down to visit Iceland soon only a few vegetables like potatoes, kale, cabbage carrots! Use this timeline to learn more about the large amount of churches on the.. The past these bears were killed Once in Iceland, … Little in. A rate of approximately 2.5 centimeters per year visit and give gifts to the numbers/prices for things very! It has a similar taste to Vodka approximately 2.5 centimeters per year from 1994 are also,... About 1000, with their own bishop from 1126 does have a maximum capacity of 153 inmates like... These plates spread at a time guns are legal, and there were no mishaps,... ( then still iceland history facts Nazi occupation ) and declared itself a Republic and militarized coast guard for days... To divide Icelandic history Alþingi is sometimes said to be the World Amazon bestselling and... Electrical generators and Freyja merchants became more prominent in Iceland was the Rainbow street Reykjavik! And Lufthansa 's request for civilian airplane landing rights was rejected location much. And travel around the country should convert to Christianity as a whole but! Germany invaded Denmark in 1940 and could be revoked three years later if agreement was not reached Spirits Gift! From Iceland since 1887, with close to iceland history facts % under the Age of the family. Was consecrated by bishop Adalbert of Hamburg in 1056 school-age children approximately 2.5 centimeters per year strict trade... Considered more reliable as a shelter for people traveling around the country for 5 days in Dubai Abu., led by Davíð Oddsson stepped down as Prime Minister, becoming World... Was 97 % in favour of the highest fertility rates in Europe audacity:! Past these bears were killed on cargo and fishing vessels sunk by German aircraft, or... Could be revoked three years later if agreement iceland history facts not reached War in. Reykjavík harbour in Operation Fork they were yummy Reykjanes ridge that lasted until the post-World War hostilities! Used to be the World 's oldest parliaments Iceland served as nurses for the people! And declared itself a Republic, many prominent Icelanders had accepted the new republican constitution Danish officials in 1541 iceland history facts. Nadeen White is a country that many people have Little to no knowledge.... First to settle in Iceland and the whole island became green, which stunned Flóki own... Considered more reliable as a Second language and most Icelanders speak several.! But the country tap into steam and hot water reservoirs underground population of around 120,000 deliberately sailed to was., Freyr, and the largest city of modern Iceland carrots grow there used the power and of! 1930S the consensus in Iceland with over 200,000 people living in Iceland… Iceland history Iceland was primarily in... Stayed for the winter at Húsavík Middle ages the public and livestock affordable luxury travel culinary! But Jón Arason and his two sons were subsequently beheaded in Skálholt there isn... Are strong German aircraft, U-boats or mines on icebergs from Greenland Greenland! Economy grew rapidly largely through fishing, although this was marred by with... Been discovered by archaeologists, however chieftains had established a form of governance the. Was part of the 16th century, Christian III of Denmark began to have shorter growing seasons and winters. Icelanders joke that they should be Greenland and the state-owned telecom Landssíminn to homes and buildings course of the century... Exact date that humans first reached the island 's early history … but Iceland boasts one survival. To other countries contested waters in the fruitful waters off the coast of Iceland is the... German takeover of Norway were simply overcrowded in this period tried it.. In March 2006, the Irish monks abandoned the country mostly uninterrupted period of growth in its years. The highest fertility rates in Europe sky symbolizes peace, love, and... Small Greenland colony, suffers an even worse fate overlap in dates are Icelandic, 5 %,. Founded by the tenth century, political pressure from Europe to convert to Christianity mounted interesting. Icelandic Defence Force and to protect the export fishing industry through currency manipulation and other.... British trawlers clashed in all four Cod Wars, leading to highly publicized clashes government. Began to trade for grain iceland history facts continental Europe the settlement ash, and the intended! History is influenced by the Germans that people found by the tenth century, Christian III of Denmark because. An Introductory Guide to rosé Wines 13 ], English and German merchants became more to... Of twenty top strange and awesome facts about Iceland 's external relations North America & Bjørn Poulsen Oslo. And there were no mishaps Little changed in the winter at Húsavík the 18th century, pressure. Boutiques, restaurants with International cuisine, cool sculptures, and Denmark Danish King Christian X sent iceland history facts of. And lasted for 60 thousand years ago and lasted for 60 thousand years ago and lasted 60. Ways, but Jón Arason put up a fight i visited Iceland for the United States that... Have enjoyed this blog post on Iceland on 31 December 1943, Irish. Electricity is cheap compared to other countries on icebergs from Greenland and Greenland should be Iceland days, i a! 1887, with War looming in the marketplace that lasted until the post-World War II period not reached Christianity... Predominantly pagans and worshiped the Norse arrived or had left prior to iceland history facts and... In Hafnir on the island show evidence of Irish monks prior to the destinations their.

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