This is the interactive scavenger hunt. Greenhouse . by Kristopher K. Townsend, Richard S. Buswell, and Robert H. Dunsmore. Choose the Oregon National Historic Trail and then zoom in to find the details you need for trip planning. We invite you to learn more about the history of the Washington-Rochambeau National Historic Trail: French Alliance, A Revolutionary Route, The Siege of Yorktown, History by State, Military History. An interactive map of the Arizona Trail, from the Mexico border to the Utah border. The National Park Service Geographic Resources Program hosts an interactive trails map viewer. National Trails System Map. Hatley Castle . We encourage academic use with full attribution to the contributor. Complete details and maps of the Sibley Expedition are available HERE. In 2009, USGS began the release of a new generation of topographic maps (US Topo) in electronic form, and in 2011, complemented them with the release of high-resolution scans of more than 178,000 historical topographic maps of the United States. After submitting the save form, be sure to copy the new URL in your browser so that you can revisit it later. You can also print the scavenger hunt. Harpers Ferry trail maps. Bylaws and Procedures. Hatley Park National Historic Site . Click on any of the trails, and then any of the stops along the trails to learn about them. And new features have been added to help you view and customize maps. Choose and book a National Trail break or be inspired by our suggested itineraries. Our interactive map will help you plan routes, determine distances, and highlight accommodations and attractions along your journey. To save your map, click the save button. Copyright 2020. Great American Rail-Trail Preferred Route. The Trail of Tears map shows one of the most shameful episodes of American history, today preserved as the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail. This map shows the location of these river crossings between the Mission of the Sacred Heart near present-day Catalto and Wallace, Idaho as determined by researcher Robert Dunsmore. The interactive site encourages public input providing functionality allowing Canadians to place points or lines on the map marking different parts of the trail that they may have … Below is an interactive map of America's Emigrant Trails during Westward Expansion. This application uses licensed Geocortex Essentials technology for the Esri ® ArcGIS platform. Below is an interactive map of America's Emigrant Trails during Westward Expansion. Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program National Trails Intermountain Region National Park Service P.O. Box 728 Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504-0728 Email: Phone: 505-988-6701. Rose Garden . This Mullan Road centerline describes the general route of the Mullan Military Road built between 1859 and 1861. Each panel also includes photographs and comments from the road-builders and travelers of the era. INTERACTIVE MAP. An interactive digital map of the route taken by the Nez Perce in 1877 as they fled from the U.S. Calvary and volumteer militia. Old Growth Trees . The goal of The National Map’s Historical Topographic Map Collection (HTMC) is to provide a digital repository of USGS 1:250,000 scale and larger maps printed between 1884, the inception of the topographic mapping program, and 2006. Download Map (PDF - 195MB) This map was created in 1963 as part of the National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings The Santa Fe Trail, by William E. Brown. Camping in the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark; History Along The Lewis and Clark Trail; Sustainable Tourism; Trip Ideas; Water Trails; Hiking Trails; Outdoor & River-Based Adventure; Gateway Lewis & Clark Visitor Centers; State Tourism Offices; Thru-Travel of the Trail; About the Trail. Map; Maps. Organizations who sponsor these sites as well as travelers are encouraged to help keep the database current. National Historic Trails. Maps Map; Chilkoot Trail Map. Notes about the map courtesy of Jim Ryan. For individual trail maps, visit the respective National Scenic or Historic Trail site page. Congress established the Iditarod as a National Historic Trail in 1978. 1845 U.S. Map with Trail . From New Hampshire to Virginia, the Washington-Rochambeau National Historic Trail connects major metropolitan areas, state and national parks, historic and scenic trails, and countless other historic sites. Map available for purchase . Check out the National Forest interactive visitor map to find great trails to explore. Using geo-located data collected by the National Park Service, Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, this inventory lists sites including photographs of each sign. Permits and reservations; Fees; Visitor guidelines; Weather; Maps. The Trans Canada Trail Map web site offers an interactive Trans Canada Trail map based on ESRI technology that provides users with a new way to explore and learn more about the Trans Canada Trail System. Read facts about the Trail and watch the Trail video. Use the interactive map to tour the trail! They are long-distance trails (more than 100 miles long) and are recreational in nature. The topographic map remains an indispensable tool for everyday use in government, science, industry, land management planning, and 2010. Below the map is an online scavenger hunt. Related Document; National Trails System Map. The Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route Association, Inc. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Section menu. Interactive map of things to do and places to visit along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. … The display maps also mark the seventeen Coeur d'Alene River crossings, twenty-eight North Fork Coeur d'Alene River crossings, and forty-six St. Regis River crossings as listed by Mullan in his 1863 report. Annotated Chilkoot Trail Map: $9.00 + shipping. Interactive map tutorial video. Answer the questions by finding the answers on the interactive map above. This map represents 45 years of research by Dr. Rich Buswell. They celebrate many aspects of our past. Perhaps it’s time to consider the path less travelled. National Park Service Sites. Use the interactive map to tour the trail! Here’s the Harpers Ferry trail map (650 kb) handed out at the park visitor center. 1 The Act established the Appalachian and Pacific Crest National Scenic Trails and authorized a national system of trails to provide additional outdoor recreation opportunities and to promote the preservation of access to the outdoor areas and historic resources of the nation. Japanese Gardens . Create your own trip along the Cleveland Way . Part 1: To avoid making sidecuts in the steep hills, the Mullan Road crossed the Coeur d'Alene river 17 times in just 14 miles. Interactive map of things to do and places to visit along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. Neptune Stairs . RRU Experience. This site copyright © 2017–2020 by Kristopher K. Townsend. Download Map (PDF - 195MB) This map was created in 1963 as part of the National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings The Santa Fe Trail, by William E. Brown. Additional text descriptions provide some educational background too. The National Historical Trails Interpretive Center is a must-see destination while visiting Casper. Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site. Today visitors can learn about these historic events and trace the footsteps of those who made these journeys by traveling on the Oregon and California National Historic Trails. Visit the National Trails System Webmap to view and access spatial data of the National Trails System. 1845 U.S. Map with Trail . The Gaultier Brother's Expedition through North & South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska in 1742–1743 Based on a Journal, written by Francois Gaultier, Chevalier of the Verendrye, and his brother Pierre Gaultier, documenting an Expedition to reach the Western Sea, addressed to M. the Marquis of Beauharnois. This is an overview map that shows the specific locations of each of the following maps on this page. This map displays the various routes of the trail network and highlights an auto tour route that best follows the trail. National Overview Maps We've released the next generation Interactive Visitor Map! The probable location of the Mullan Road was determined primarily from General Land Office (GLO) survey plats made between 1872 and 1898. Use the interactive map to tour the trail! The National Trails System (NTS) was created in 1968 by the National Trails System Act (NT SA). Click on any of the trails, and then any of the stops along the trails to learn about them. You can also print the scavenger hunt. Chilkoot Trail map; Chilkoot Trail profile; Date modified : 2019-12-17. Below the map is an online scavenger hunt. A Hikers Guide to the Chilkoot Trail. Spanning the width of eight 40" x 30" panels, a detailed map shows the most probable route of the Mullan road.

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