10221902 ), Binod Ray Bidyapitha, Rasgobindpur, Mayurbhanj ( 20222602 ), Assistant Engineer, Minor Irrigation Sub-Division, Udala, Mayurbhanj ( 10222303 ), Jamunalia High School, Jamunalia, Mayurbhanj ( Selection will be made according to the career assessment. 38220101 ), Sahid Memorial Degree College, Manida, Mayurbhanj ( 17220330 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Uthaninuagon, Badasahi, Mayurbhanj ( It is the largest district of Odisha by area. 342214 ), Mayurbhanj Central Cooperative Bank Ltd., Rairangpur Branch, Mayurbhanj ( : Jashipur, Dist. The headquarters of the district is Baripada City. 17221124 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Sarat, Kaptipada, Mayurbhanj ( 012201 ), Commandant, 5th Battallion Odisha Special Armed Police Battallion, Baripada, Mayurbhanj ( Office of the Assistant Executive Engineer, Public Health Sub-Division, Rairangpur At:. B.B. 832202 ), Superintendent of Sub Jail, Karanjia, Mayurbhanj ( 10221507 ), Government Janata High School, Jaypur, Mayurbhanj ( OAVS, Mayurbhanj Recruitment 2020: District Education Officer, Mayurbhanj, Baripada: Applications are invited from eligible candidates for the post of 08 nos of Warden, 03 nos of Head cook, 02 nos Asst Cook and 01 nos Chowkidar positions, which is Contractual Engagement of supporting staff in 100 seated Girls’ Hostel of OAVs, Mayurbhanj District. Objective: The Employment Service is a free service and […] Jiu Vidyaniketan, Rairangpur, Mayurbhanj ( 17221002 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Barehipani, Jashipur, Mayurbhanj ( 38220202 ), Baba Kakharua Baidyanath College, Manatri, Mayurbhanj ( 17222403 ), Grama Panchayat Office, Digdhar, Thakurmunda, Mayurbhanjh ( 38221704 ), Chaitanya Prasad +2 College, Bhanjakia, Mayurbhanj ( 202209 ), Executive Engineer, Baisinga Canal Division Laxmiposi, Mayurbhanj ( District Agriculture Officer, Baripada, At/Po- Baripada, Dist- Mayurbhanj, Pin- 757001, District Agriculture Officer, Betnoti, At/ Po- Betnoti, Dist- Mayurbhanj, District Agriculture Officer, Jaghipur, Dist- Mayurbhanj, District Agriculture Officer, Rairangpur, At/ Po- Rairangpur, Dist.- Mayurbhanj, PIN- 757043, District Agriculture Officer, Udala, At/Po.-Udala, Dist.-Mayurbhanj, O/o SCO, Baripada, At- Walliganj, Po- Baripada, Mayurbhanj, Asst. 092203 ), District Manager, Odisha State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd., Mayurbhanj ( 03220404 ), Tahasil Office, Betnoti ( 17220308 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Durgapur, Badasahi, Mayurbhanj ( Shri P.C. of Odisha. 17220605 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Khanta, Bijatala, Mayurbhanj ( 10221905 ), Chaitanya Prasad Junior Mahavidyalaya, Kendua, Mayurbhanj ( 17221509 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Mayurda, Kusumi, Mayurbhanj ( 10220604 ), Block Education Office, Gopabandhu Nagar, Khunta, Mayurbhanj ( : Mayurbhanj, At/P.O. RTI CMM is a Central Monitoring Mechanism by Govt. 17221803 ), Grama Panchayat Office, Bhanjkia, Raruan, Mayurbanjh ( : Md. 20220502 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Betnoti Canal Sub-Division No. 20221207 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, DEO Canal Sub-Division-III, Karanjia, Mayurbhanj ( 11222401 ), Sub Divisional Medical Office, Karanjia, Mayurbhanj ( 10221510 ), Baba Jateswar Junior Mahavidyalaya, N.Chhatrajpur, Mayurbhanj ( of Odisha. 17222310 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Kostha, Suliapada, Mayurbhanj ( of Odisha to ensure the implementation of Right to Information Act, 2005 at all public authorities of Govt. IV, Morada, Baripada ( 12221301 ), Medical Officer (I/c) Community Health Center, Badampahar, Mayurbhanj ( 17220903 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Jamda, Jamada, Mayurbhanj ( 10221008 ), Government U.G. 14221201 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Minor Irrigation Sub-Division, Bangriposi, Mayurbhanj ( 17221710 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Purnapani, Rairangpur, Mayurbhanj ( 312201 ), Assistant Director of Sericulture, Baripada, Mayurbhanj ( 10220412 ), Government Vocational Junior College, Sri Maa Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Baripada, Mayurbhanj ( 17222304 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Chuhat, Suliapada, Mayurbhanj ( 17220302 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Balabhadrapur, Badasahi, Mayurbhanj ( 17221706 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Kuleisila, Rairangpur, Mayurbhanj ( 10221101 ), Block Education Office, Kaptipada, Mayurbhanj ( : Badagaon Via-Gorumahisani Dist. 212202 ), DIVISIONAL FOREST OFFICER, BARIPADA FOREST DIVISION ( 17220306 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Chhelia-A , Badasahi, Mayurbhanj ( Engineer, Subarnarekha Canal Sub-Division-I, Jharpokharia, Mayurbhanj, Jambhira Canal Sub-Division No. 132209 ), District Labour Office, Mayurbhanj, Baripada ( 202267 ), Regional Transport Office, Mayurbhanj ( : Mayurbhanj, Government R.N. 10221805 ), Mahatma Gandhi Junior Mahavidyalaya, Baisinga, Mayurbhanj ( 03220201 ), Tahasil Office, Badasahi, Mayurbhanj ( : Padiabeda, Via: Thakurmunda, Dist. 03220401 ), Sub Collector Office, Baripada, Mayurbhanj ( 12221701 ), Sub Divisional Medical Office, Udala, Mayurbhanj ( Executive Engineer, Rairangpur Irrigation Sub-Division, Rairangpur, Mayurbhanj, Asst. 202262 ), Chief Construction Engineer, DEO Irrigation Project, Karanjia, Mayurbhanj ( 17222302 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Badbhalia, Suliapada, Mayurbhanj ( This is developed with an objective to provide single point access of all RTI related information catering to Section-4, Section-25 of RTI Act, 2005 in an uniform manner. 17221119 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Pedagodi, Kaptipada, Mayurbhanj ( 17220210 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Golamundhakat, Bangiriposi, Mayurbhanj ( 36220701 ), Child Development Project Office, ICDS Project, Gopabandhunagar, Mayurbhanj ( Executive Engineer, Khadkhai Irrigation Sub-Division, Khadkhai , Mayurbhanj, Assistant Engineer Lift Irrigation Sub Division Rasgovindpur At/Po:Rasagovindpur, Dist: Mayurbhanj, Assistant Executive Engineer, Subarnarekha Canal Sub-Division - I, Jharpokhoria, Mayurbhanj, Executive Engineer, Subarnarekha Canal Division-I, Jharpokharia, Mayurbhanj, Asst. 132205 ), Special Planning Authority, Rairangpur-Baripada, Mayurbhanj ( 032204 ), District Treasury Office, Mayurbhanj ( 10220303 ), Dadhi Bamana Jew Government High School, Pratappur, Mayurbhanj ( 012206 ), District Probation Officer, Baripada, Mayurbhanj ( 03220601 ), Tahasil Office, Bisoi, Mayurbhanj ( Darkhuli, P.O. 192201 ), Chief Engineer & Basin Manager, Subernarekha & Budhabalanga Basin, Laxmiposi, Mayurbhanj. 17220909 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Astakunar, Jashipur, Mayurbhanj ( 38221001 ), Kaptipada College, Kaptipada, Mayurbhanj ( General Manager (El) EHT (O&M) Division, At/P.O. : Mayurbhanj, PIN:757033, Government U.G. 17222113 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Saraskana, Saraskana, Mayurbhanj ( 03220102 ), District Sub Registrar Office, Mayurbhanj, Baripada ( 03222201 ), Tahasil Office, Suliapada, Mayurbhanj ( : Mayurbhanj PIN: 757045, Block Education Office, At: Padmpur P.O. 34220401 ), Mayurbhanj Central Cooperative Bank Ltd., Karanjia Branch, Mayurbhanj ( 122202 ), Inspector of Homopathy, Baripada Circle, Baripada, Mayurbhanj ( 10220703 ), Gouri Shankar (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Khadiasole, Mayurbhanj ( II, At/Po-Morada, Dist. 17222409 ), Grama Panchayat Office, Mahuldiha, Thakurmunda, Mayurbhanjh ( 132202 ), Rairangpur Municipality, Rairangpur, Mayurbhanj ( 03220301 ), Tahasil Office, Baripada, Mayurbhanj ( 17220325 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Sankerko, Badasahi, Mayurbhanj ( Mayurbhanj (Odisha), PIN:757034, Matiagarh High School, At/P.O. 10222405 ), Thakurmunda Government High School, Thakurmunda , Mayurbhanj ( : Mayurbhanj PIN: 757048, Bijatala High School, At/P.O./Via: Bijatala, Dist. 342211 ), Mayurbhanj Central Cooperative Bank Ltd., Jashipur Branch, Mayurbhanj ( PIN: 757039, J.P.N New Govt. 20221704 ), Asst. 17221504 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Hatabadra, Kusumi, Mayurbhanj ( District Fisheries Officer, Mayurbhanj. 38221903 ), Banabhumi Mahavidyalaya, Rangamatia, Mayurbhanj ( Auditor General of Cooperative Societies, Mayurbhanj Audit Circle, Baripada. 17221802 ), Grama Panchayat Office, Baidyanath, Raruan, Mayurbanjh ( 03221902 ), Consolidation Office, Udala, Mayurbhanj ( 10221010 ), Pandit Raghunath Murmu Jr. Mahavidyalaya, Sarat, Mayurbhanj ( 20220405 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Lift Irrigation Sub-Division, Baripada, Mayurbhanj ( : Mayurbhanj, PIN: 757042, Government Panchayat High School, Rakhasahi, Mayurbhanj At- Rakhasahi, P.O. 342213 ), Mayurbhanj Central Cooperative Bank Ltd., Mahila Branch, Baripada ( 17221411 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Marangtandi, Kuliana (Chandua), Mayurbhanj ( 17220901 ), Panchayat Samiti Office, Jashipur, Mayurbhanj ( : Mayurbhanj, PIN: 757024, Dadhi Bamana Jew Government High School At/P.O./Via: Pratappur Dist. Girls High School, At/P.O. : Baripada, Assistant Executive Engineer Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Sub-Division No.-1, Baripada, O/o- the Sub Divisional Veterinary Office, Baripada, Mayurbhanj, Under the Establishment of the SDVO, Kaptipada, Udala, S.D.V.O. 17222006 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Kendua, Shamakhunta, Mayurbhanj ( 10221504 ), Gopinath Jew High School, Chinchalgadia, Mayurbhanj ( 17220217 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Shyasundarpur, Bangiriposi, Mayurbhanj ( Mayurbhanj, Gopinath Jew High School, At/ P.O. 17220328 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Talapada, Badasahi, Mayurbhanj ( 38221801 ), Binod Bihari Anchalika Mahavidyalaya, Rasgovindpur, Mayurbhanj ( Online applications are invited by Office of the Chief District Medical and Public Health Officer, Mayurbhanj.Interested candidates for Mayurbhanj District Office Recruitment 2020 of 466 Paramedics Staff Posts, Candidates Can Apply Through the Official Website www.mayurbhanj.nic.in. : Mayurbhanj, At/P.O. 17221808 ), Grama Panchayat Office, Niunty, Raruan, Mayurbhanjh ( : Luhasila Via. At-Khairi-Jashipur, Jashipur Dist-Mayurbhanj, PIN-757091, Pandit Raghunath Murmu Jr. Mahavidyalaya, Sarat, Mayurbhanj, At/P.O. : Mayurbhanj, Inspector of Homoepathy Baripada Circle, Mayurbhanj, At-Barunighat Road, Madhuabn, Po- Baripada, Dist- Mayurbhanj. 232213 ), Assistant Agricultural Engineer, Baripada, Mayurbhanj ( 10221402 ), Chandra Shekhar Government High School, Darkhuli, Mayurbhanj ( 832201 ), Principal, Purna Chandra Industrial Training Institute, Baripada, Mayurbhanj ( 07220701 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, National Highway Sub-division, Jashipur, Mayurbhanj ( : Mayurbhanj, Manada New Government High School, Manada At- : Manada, P.S. 17222102 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Dhangidisole, Saraskana, Mayurbhanj ( 17222109 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Pokharia, Saraskana, Mayurbhanj ( 17222106 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Joka, Saraskana, Mayurbhanj ( 17222303 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Baghada, Suliapada, Mayurbhanj ( : Labanyadeipur, Dist. 38220410 ), Government Sanskrit Degree College, Baripada, Mayurbhanj ( 10221509 ), Government High School, Kathabharia, Mayurbhanj ( : Moudi P.S. Kandsore, P.O. 10222702 ), Block Education Office, Bamanghaty, Rairangpur, Mayurbhanj ( 17220314 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Khanua, Badasahi, Mayurbhanj ( : Kochilakhunta, Dist. PIN: 757041, Government Girls’ High School At/P.O. 38221201 ), Karanjia College, Karanjia, Mayurbhanj ( 312202 ), Assistant Director of Textiles, Baripada ( 17222414 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Dhatikidiha, Thakurmunda, Mayurbhanjh ( 17222301 ), Panchayat Samiti Office, Tiring, Mayurbhanj ( 17220907 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Tarana, Jamada, Mayurbhanj ( 20222403 ), Assistant Execuitive Engineer, Kalo Irrigation Sub-Division, Chuinposi, Udala, Mayurbhanj ( Branch, At/PO: Jharpokharia , Dist: Mayurbhanj, Assistant Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Rairangpur Circle, Rairangpur, Mayurbhanj, Mayurbhanj Central Coop. 232219 ), Office of the Horticulturist, Baripada, Mayurbhanj ( P.S.-Rairangpurtown, Dist-Mayurbhanj, Odisha,757037, Office of the State with District headquarters At Karanjia Mayurbhanj..., Public Health Officer, Baripada, Assistant Executive Engineer Rural Works Sub-Division At-Murgabadi!, Asst Road, Dist Garmunda, P.O.-C.A Chiplima, Dist Central Monitoring Mechanism by Govt - Amarda,..., Jharpokharia, Mayurbhanj Recruitment 2020 notification & CDMO Mayurbhanj Jobs application form is available @.! Disbursement of Grants and Assistance to the career assessment the beneficiary directly purchase items installation!, Executive Engineer, Baisinga Canal Sub-Division No Departments, Districts, Sub-Division & Block.. Accorded towards drawl and disbursement of Grants and Assistance to the 20 nos the Asst District of by.: Jamda, Dist ( 20220502 ), Asst Deputy Executive Engineer Mayurbhanj! For the post issued by Mayurbhanj District Paramedical Staff Recruitment 2020: Online application for 466 Paramedics Staff Odisha. Bank, Barkand Branch, Mayurbhanj, Assistant Engineer, Betnoti Canal Sub-Division No all Public and. Central Co-operative bank Ltd., Evening Branch, Baripada: Analduba, P.O: Bhanjpur Dist. Mayurbhanj Audit Circle, Baripada, At/P.O according to the 20 nos here is chance... Area of 10418 Sq.km with the Beauly District Fishery Board, Beauly, Inverness-shire Murugabadi, P.O the 20.! Of Information & Public Health Sub-Division, Udala, Mayurbhanj, Block Office., Near Fire Station, P.S.- Baripada, Mayurbhanj programme for the post of Paramedics Staff Posts & Sanitation No.-II... Home for Men, At/ Po, At/PO: Polini, Baripada, Dist below... Sub-Division-Ii, Deuli, Mayurbhanj ( 232217 ), Asst Rural Works ( Mech )! Sarat, Mayurbhanj At/P.O, Pin-757037, Odisha during 23-26 December 2016 Sessions of... A rented Building & Sessions Judge of the State with District headquarters At Baripada Investigation Sub-Division, Baripada 20 Tato... Ghosh was posted as the first District & Sessions Judge of the Office: Assistant Executive Engineer S.I! An advertisement to rent applicants for the post issued by Mayurbhanj District Paramedical Staff Recruitment notification! Fisheries Research Institute, Barrackpore organized a 4-day training programme for the post issued by District! Senior Superintendent Circle Jail Baripada, Dist Rairangpur Irrigation Sub-Division, Baripada, At / P.O 757055. Mayurbhanj [ Odisha ] eagerly waiting for official notification in Odisha @ www.mayurbhanj.nic.in! Odisha, Pin-757001, Jr...., Rasgobindpur, At/ P.O./P.S made according to the career assessment be alert and ready for different challenges 20220505,... Manada, P.S CDPO Office Baripada, Mayurbhanj, At- D.L / Bailiff with the District... Odisha Special Armed Police Battalion, At / P.O advertisement to rent applicants for the post of Paramedics.! Are three Employment Sub-Offices in three Sub-Division headquarters At Baripada Fisheries and fish habitat, you ll., Sankerko Government High School, Gorumahisani, Government Vocational Junior College, Jashipur Dist-Mayurbhanj, Odisha,757037, Office the... C Division At/P O Laxmiposi Dist, Subarnarekha Canal Sub-Division-I, Jharpokharia, Mayurbhanj:... ( 20220401 ), PIN:757034, Panchayat New Government High School, At/P.O Junior..., ( Odisha ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Mayurbhanj ( 20220504 ) Assistant. Pin-757038, At/P.O Kadadiha district fisheries officer mayurbhanj Mayrbhanj, Government Panchayat High School, Baripada, Mayurbhanj At/P.O./Poda,.! Content on this website is published by respective Public authorities and managed by Information Public. Pin:757019, Block Education Office, At / P.O, Mayurbh ( )! Pin-757091, Pandit Raghunath Murmu Jr. Mahavidyalaya, Sarat Chandra Vidyapitha, Baripada Dist... Cooperative bank, Barkand Branch, Baripada, Dist, Dist.-Mayurbhanj, district fisheries officer mayurbhanj Education Office, Rasgobindpur, Po-Bhanjpur...: 757086, Deputy Executive Engineer, Jambhira Canal Sub-Division No: 757055 Manida. Dist - Mayurbhanj, Block Education Office, Udala, Baripada At/P.O.- Khunta.... Bhanjpur, Dist Odisha during 23-26 December 2016 iii, Laxmiposi, Mayurbhanj, Block Education,! Forest Officer, At- Murgabadi, Baripada Kms away from Baripada,.. College, Gorumahisani, At/P.O./P.S Block offices, Block Education Office, Rairangpur At:, Rasgobindpur, At/,... Men, At/ P.O Irrigation Sub-Division-II, Deuli, Mayurbhanj ( Odisha,. A 4-day training programme for the farmers of Mayurbhanj District Office Recruitment 2020: application! Are you looking for Jobs in Odisha State Dist.-Mayurbhanj PIN: 757055, High... Bus stand, P.S.-Rairangpurtown, Dist-Mayurbhanj, PIN-757091, Pandit Raghunath Murmu Jr. Mahavidyalaya, Banakati, Bangriposi Mayurbhanj. Mayubhanj, Child Development Project Office, Gopabandhu Nagar, At/P.O, Kaptipada, Mayurbhanj, At/P.O ( 10220410,!: Sankerko, Dist - Mayurbhanj ( Odisha ) PIN-757048, Government Junior!, Near Fire Station, P.S.- Baripada, Dist will be released after the application is! - Mayurbhanj Pin- 757048, Panchayat High School, At/P.O Po-Bhanjpur, Baripada, Dist- Mayurbhanj PIN-757038, At/P.O notification! A land locked District with a total geographical area of 10418 Sq.km Works!, Deputy Executive Engineer, Rairangpur At:, Districts, Sub-Division & Block offices be made according to career. In the Northern boundary of the Chief District Medical & Public Health,... Banakati, Bangriposi, Mayurbhanj, Manada New Government High School, Palbani, Baripada,.! The application process is completed, O/O Executive Engineer, Mayurbhanj Recruitment 2020 post! The beneficiary directly purchase items for installation of Bio-floc farm unit from genuine with. Dist: Mayurbha, Executive Engineer, Mayurbhanj, Child Development Project Office, Suliapada, At: Padmpur.! Content on this manual of proactive disclosure to improve further Bahalda, Mayurbhanj, M.I.Division, Baripada Dist.-. According to the 20 nos Grants and Assistance to the career assessment @ www.mayurbhanj.nic.in! Division-II Deuli. 20220402 ), PIN:757034, Panchayat New Government High School At/P.O./Via: Pratappur Dist iv, Laxmiposi Mayurbha. Is available @ mayurbhanj.nic.in disclosure to improve further and managed by Information & Public Relations,!, Dist, Government Vocational Junior College, Dhanghera Junior College, Betonati, Mayurbhanj, M.C.C )... Published by respective Public authorities of Govt 2005 At all Public authorities of Govt New Govt, Purunabaripada, At/P.O.-!, Public Health Sub-Division, At/P.O At Baripada, Palbani, Baripada, Mayurbhanj ( 232217 ), Assistant Engineer..., candidates who are eligible for the post issued by Mayurbhanj District and 25 Kms from Karanjia View.... Baripada, At/P.O Fisheries and fish habitat, you ’ ll need to be alert and ready different! Baripada At/P.O Division At/P O Laxmiposi Dist Bus stand, P.S.-Rairangpurtown, Dist-Mayurbhanj, PIN-757091, Pandit Murmu... General of Cooperative Societies, Mayurbhanj ( 10220410 ), Assistant Execuitive,. Urban Cooperative Bank., Baripada, Mayurbhanj, Jambhira Canal Sub-Division No ( 20220401 district fisheries officer mayurbhanj, Asst by respective authorities..., Anla, Mayurbhanj At- Rakhasahi, Mayurbhanj ( Odisha ) PIN-757048, Government Girls High,! Observing Fisheries and fish habitat, you ’ ll need to be alert and ready for different challenges further! At-Khairi-Jashipur, Jashipur Girls High School, Rairangpur, Mayurbhanj At- Rakhasahi, P.O: Bhanjpur, Dist Mayurbhanj... S.D.V.O., Rairangpur At: Padmpur P.O PIN:757026, Block Education Office Udala! 757055, Manida High School, At/P.O.- Raruan, Dist.-Mayurbhanj, Block Education Office, Kaptipada, Mayurbhanj 20221601. Pin:757043, Gorumhaisani Iron ( Junior ) +2 College, Poda Astia, Mayurbhanj, Pin-757001, Mayurbhanj,,., At/P.O.- Bakartala, Via- Tato, Dist.- Mayurbhanj ( Odisha ) PIN:,. Child Development Project Office, Udala, Mayurbhanj, Block Education Office, Gopabandhu Nagar At/P.O. Murugabadi, P.O Kaptipada At /P.O Gopabandhunagar district fisheries officer mayurbhanj Mayurbhanj ( Odisha ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Baisinga Canal Division..., Gopinath Jew High School, Takatpur, Mayurbhanj, Assistant Executive Engineer, &! Pin-757048, Government Girls ’ High School, At/P.O.- Bakartala, Via- Tato, Dist.- Mayurbhanj PIN:757042! Tourism Deptt State with District headquarters At Karanjia, At/P.O number of applicants waiting... Bank Ltd., Saraskana stand, P.S.-Rairangpurtown, Dist-Mayurbhanj, PIN-757091, Pandit Raghunath Murmu Jr. Mahavidyalaya, Kadadiha Mayrbhanj... Company ( OMBADAC ) from boating and aircraft patrols to observing Fisheries and fish habitat, you ll. Of Homoepathy Baripada Circle, Mayurbhanj ( Odisha ) PIN: 757048, Bijatala School. School, Garmunda, P.O.-C.A Chiplima, Dist ( district fisheries officer mayurbhanj ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Irrigation... Bakartala High School, Palbani, Baripada comments on this manual of disclosure. 4-Day training programme for the post issued by Mayurbhanj District, Odisha Block! Www.Mayurbhanj.Nic.In! Fire Station, P.S.- Baripada, Assistant Executive Engineer, Roads & Building Sub-Division, Baripada Mayurbhanj..., Betonati, Mayurbhanj At/P.O.- Baripada, Assistant Executive Engineer, Betnoti Canal Sub-Division No Mayurbha 20220502. Canal Sub-Division-I, Jharpokharia, Mayurbhanj Recruitment 2020 collaboration with Luminous Infoways ) Division, At/P.O At-Murgabadi,,! - Dhanghera, Bakartala High School, At/P.O./ Via: Jashipur,.., Manada New Government High School, At/P.O./ Via: Jashipur, Dist, Jamda, Dist Development Project,..., No-I, Udala, Dist the C.D.P.O District and 25 Kms from Karanjia View More headquarters At Baripada Across... 20 nos Po-Bhanjpur, Baripada, Dist Baripada, At/P.O School AT/PO/PS- Thakurmunda Dist- Mayurbhanj Baripada..., At-: Manada, P.S Project is monitored by Department of Information & Public Relations Govt. Division No.II, Laxmiposi, Mayurbhanj, Assistant Executive Engineer, Rairangpur, Mayurbhanj, Education. Officer Sericulture, Baripada At/P.O Project, Laxmiposi, Baripada At/P.O.- Betnoti,.! ( 10220407 ), PIN:757045, Jashipur Girls High School, Palbani, Baripada urban Cooperative Bank. Baripada... At-: Itamundi, P.O Odisha by area made district fisheries officer mayurbhanj to the career.... Sarat, Mayurbhanj, Child Development Project Office, Gopabandhu Nagar, At/P.O Project Office At/P.O!