You will also learn how to schedule and manage meetings, … An Executive Assistant (EA) plays a key organisational role, handling everything from managing an executive’s personal schedule to organising executive board meetings. In this course you will learn about the tools of the trade such as email protocol, computer skills, and communication skills. Diploma in Executive Office Management™ - Our … Distance Learning Diplomas for Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants. The programme empowers current PAs and EAs to develop their business awareness and management understanding to become personal leaders, enablers and business support managers in their own right. Develop your professional skills anytime, anywhere in Australia through our online courses.Visit our website to learn more about our online courses. Industry recognised by the world leader in EA & PA training. The … With the Professional Executive PA Diploma you’ll learn how to stay one step ahead, anticipating needs and meeting the demands of this challenging, yet rewarding role. The Executive PA Diploma from the Executive PA School is the only course you need to help develop your career. The diploma consists of 45 credits (15 courses), 15 credits of which are met by the block transfer, which leaves students with 30 credits (10 courses) to complete the program. It combines the Executive PA Diploma Programme with a series of Advanced and Specialist Courses. This Executive Secretarial course is designed for individuals who wish to acquire the refined skills required of an executive secretary or personal assistant. What Executive Assistants will learn: This associate degree program covers almost everything; The program includes courses such as Introduction to the Keyboard, Proofreading and Editing, Fundamentals of Oral Communication, and Career Portfolio and Development. A ground-breaking two-day programme for Executive Assistants and Business Managers, that provides a totally fresh perspective on the role of the Executive Assistant. Diploma graduates will be prepared to seek opportunities as office managers or as assistants to senior executives. Personality Enrichment & Public Speaking; Communication Skills (English Speaking) Computers; Shorthand (Theory & Speed) Training for executive PAs/EAs improves the response time to all administration tasks connected to the manager's agenda. This distance learning course is available as a Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma level course. If you thrive on working under pressure, demonstrating your exceptional organisation skills and possess keen attention to detail, the Executive PA Diploma is the ideal training option for you. The Executive and Personal Assistants Online Certificate Course is designed to provide you with the wide range of skills necessary to be an EA. EA to the CFO, Downer EDI Rail. About this diploma Get a job as a highly efficient Personal Assistant. NCFE CQ10450 -Executive Assistant Diploma (Level 3) You will also be awarded the following individual Diplomas and Certificates: NCFE CQ10447 – Advanced IT User Diploma (Level 3; NCFE CQ10445 – Advanced Administration Diploma (Level 3) NCFE CQ10446 – … Don’t let another moment of indecision over your career or unhappiness at your current career pass; take charge and get started with your new life as an executive assistant. The Executive Assistant Diploma is designed for graduates of Administrative Assistant Certificate programs who want to develop their career opportunities and educational qualifications. See Our Courses. Need Specified Orientation & In-Depth Special Programmes in Financial Management; Diploma in Executive Assistant's; Diploma in Executive Personal Assistant's; Front Office Executive; Soft Skills. Professional Executive and Personal Assistant Certification Take this unique programme to gain the skills and insight to support leaders, managers and organisations from a practical, hands on point of view.