If you're going to serve the crab with the traditional accompaniments of potato, corn, sausage, etc., about a pound per person. If you're only serving the crab or with a side salad, more crab per person. Anonymous. There are many variables to consider here, including who you are feeding and what you will be serving alongside the crab legs. If you have some side dishes 1-2 clusters (1/2 – 1 pound of legs) is a good serving for each person. Place the 4 lbs. If you have some big eaters you might want to go with 2 pounds per person. 0 0. Crab legs are about 50% shell and 50% meat. of water, the 3-oz. Just serving crab? How many pounds of king crab legs should I buy to feed 6 adults? I would estimate 8 per person for dead crabs and bigger eaters. 4 to 5 inches fits about 96 to 108 crabs. Daily creel limit: 10 gallons whole per person for blue crabs, 1 gallon of claws per person or 2 gallons per vessel, whichever one is less Open Season: Varies per location Annual saltwater or freshwater fishing license required ($17.00). How may dozen medium crabs would you order - I want the crab lovers to happy but do not want left over crabs which are … When your crabs are around 5.5 to 6 inches, you can expect there to be anywhere from 72 to 84 crabs, or 6 to 7 dozen. of red potatoes in the large pot, and add about 5 qt. of Old Bay spice and bring to a boil on the propane burner. Snow Crab (shown in the second photo) has a smooth shell that is relatively easy to handle or even cut with scissors before serving. If they are are crab lovers I would go with maybe 1 1/2 pounds per person. of claws; dinner for 4 comes with 6 lbs. Answer It really depends on the people you are feeding and what you are serving with your King crab legs. The yield for crab legs is about 50% meat, so if you purchase 16-24 ounces for two people you will end up with between 8-12 ounces of crab meat, roughly 4-6 ounces serving size per person. However, if you are serving crab lovers with a moderate-to-large appetite, we would suggest between 1-2 pounds of crab legs per adult. King crab legs can weigh over a pound each, and one or two of those are plenty for most people. 1-2 pounds per person, depending on the type of crab. Make sure to keep your crabs alive before cooking by keeping them cool and dry. One cluster of snow crab legs is about 1/2 pound. So a bushel will go for 10 people at a regular crab feast (personal feasts are another matter depending on how many big eaters there are 6 people to a bushel may be whats needed) thats taken in some extras and some dead crabs. So 24 eaters out of which will be 15 big crab eaters- the others either 1 or 2 or none. per person. However, we find that our stone crabs never spend more than a day in a refrigerator. 1 decade ago. ... A fresh stone crab will taste delicious and fresh for about seven days after delivery as long as you store it in a refrigerator. If you are just serving the blue crab meat the serving size should be about 1/6 of a pound. of claws; etc. bag of boil seasoning and 4 tbsp. You will get about 100 small crabs in a bushel. It depends on the size of the legs, and of course on the appetites involved. Thus, dinner for 2 comes with 3 lbs. We will also serve barbecue or fried chicken. Steaming Blue Crabs Preparing and cooking blue crabs is very easy. Plan on 1 1/2 – 2 pounds of crab legs per person for big crab eaters! A good rule of thumb is to serve 3 to 4 whole crabs per person. We calculate 1.5 lbs. Low Country Crab Boil, Ingredients: Crab – rule of thumb is 1 1/2 pounds per adult and 1/2 pound per kid; Shrimp – about 1/4 pound per person; Red potatoes – we went with a 5 pound bag, but just make sure there’s at least one potato per person; Corn – at least one cob per person; Onion – 1 medium sweet yellow onion per gallon of water Of course, if you’re catching the crabs, the answer to “how many fit in a bushel” is “however many you manage to shove in”!