Durable, corrosion-resistaint; Do not use in areas directly exposed to flames (e.g., inside of grills or fireplaces). I just finished spraying two outdoor wood rocking chairs. Primer and topcoat in one; For application onto rust, bare metal; High coverage: 10.3 m² per litre; Sag resistant, no brush strokes; Usable down to 5°C THF Trophy Hunter. Rustoleum camo paint vs Krylon camo paint. THF Trophy Hunter. krylon vs rustoleum rec.models.rc.air. OP. I still sketch with Krylon Colonial and some Ultra Flat Black but I have just grown to love using Montana. Applies to metal, wood, plaster or masonry. It lasts longer than Krylon and two even coats will last longer than many coats of Krylon. 2011 at 6:34pm: I have always been a dedicated Rustoleum buyer. I'm a spray paint artist - not graffiti, like actual art. MRH Website general discussion; I recently picked up some Rustoleum Camo paint (tan, brown and black) and started thinking about the differences between the Rustoleum and the Krylon paint. Rust-Oleum 7592838 High Performance Gloss Professional Spray Paint Enamel, White Rust-Oleum Professional High Performance Enamel Spray provides superior coverage and hiding. It’s official. I also think that Krylon comes as a lacquer based paint like most rattle can paint. The Krylon came off in tiny speckles, exactly where the vinegar had splattered. Re: Krylon or Rustoleum for gun paint job? I have some experience with Rustoleum, not with planes however, but I would 96 $6.29 $6.29. Primer, paint then topcoat. Reactions: mlivvy. Okay so I have heard stories over whether or not to use Krylon or Rust-Oleum. Technical Rustoleum vs Krylon. Quote Reply Topic: Rustoleum vs Krylon Posted: 04 Apr. 18. for pricing and availability. Krylon Primer. Both stand up about the same, but for $4.50 you can easily afford touch up cans for a few colors. Find primers specific to your project specifications by searching a variety of Krylon products. This paint works on vinyl, laminate, and melamine, as well as wood, metal, wicker, and more. My Mom has joked that if it doesn’t move, then I’ll paint it. What brand of … Stops Rust Gloss Smoke Gray Spray Paint (Actual Net Contents: 12-oz) Item #99063. I don't know why, perhaps because that is what Lowe's sells and I prefer Lowe's. After spray painting my curtains (tutorial coming Friday! So basically that's just it! Krylon Dual Superbond Paint + Primer is specifically designed to adhere without the need to sand or prime. Unless the plane is to be primarily white when finished you can save a fair amount of weight by skipping this step and going right to color Keep in mind that white almost NEVER covers well with anything and using Rustoleum compounds the issue simply because it's heavy paint. Rustoleum camo paint vs Krylon camo paint. ... Rust-Oleum. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Truckdoctor Andy, Jan 5, 2019. Krylon does not look like mirror. If the primer still shows through, you can apply an … Krylon vs Rustoleum spraypaint? It seems like there is a battle over which to use. Rustoleum is so much easier to apply. Question Krylon vs Rustoleum Spray Paint Composites Fabrication. Mar 22, 2015 - More spray painting goodies! Save Share. Rustoleum colors typically cover quite well. So, this time to the Walmart, I bought Krylon. It's supposed to look like an old mirror that's losing it's reflective finish. So thanks for the info! Truckdoctor Andy. I know that Rustoleum is an enamel paint (well the solid colours are), hence it is fuel proof. Sat, 2016-11-19 11:52 — RandallG. Krylon K02732007 Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint for Indoor/Outdoor Use, Matte Black. Did not like it at all. Krylon. Their Colormaster is excellent paint to use on wood, and it also works well on plastics and metal surfaces.. I applied two coats of the brown Rustoleum "Rusty Metal Primer", then let it sit for a few days before applying two coats of Rustoleum "Professional High Performance Enamel". It takes like 5 fine coats of paint (or more), whereas Rustoleum takes 2, in my experience, and is less prone to dripping. Thanks for posting this. ... Rust-Oleum. A couple of my crew have started bombing with it. Home / Forums / Model Railroad Hobbyist website / MRH Website general discussion / Rustoleum camo paint vs Krylon camo paint. Helpful. Arrives before Christmas. Camouflage spray paint is designed for use on metal, wood, plaster and other materials. I went back to the store and decided to try Valspar. Recently I really started using Montana paint and have grown to use it all the time. Has anyone compared Rustoleum mirror effects vs Krylon looking glass? B. Retains color … FUSION ALL-IN-ONE Gloss Smoke Gray Spray Paint and Primer In One (Actual Net Contents: 12-oz) Item #1026725. The front lower grill is a different surface than the black lower part of the rear bumper. Never used Rustoleum, but Krylon is carried by Walmart for future reference, or it use to be at least. I'm not here to promote Rust Oleum over Krylon. I got these for free would like new wood and suggestion. The grill is a plastic that doesn't take paint well at all, the black lower part of your bumper is paint. I've done numerous rifles in Krylon and just did my first two in Rustoleum. $4.96 $ 4. This makes it easier to apply over wax without getting runs and fisheyes. I have my Spray Painting Tips post so now its time for some color comparing. Flat Gray Spray Primer (Actual Net Contents: 12-oz) Item #224352. Anyway, I was at the fastener store the other day and I was buying some lock washers. To paint shutters that frame outside windows, high-quality acrylic latex paint is best. With neither product did I have any trouble of the nozzle clogging. Apply a nice coat of Rustoleum oil-based paint to the wood using a clean paintbrush. Rust-Oleum Specialty High Heat Spray retains color and finish up to 1200º F. Apply to grills, wood-burning stoves, radiators, engines or other metal items; Provides rust protection. Krylon. Allow the painted wood to dry for at least 2 hours. Color comparisons! there were various car parts, brackets, model cars, custom bicycle frames, outdoor furniture, metal tables, and photo frames. Sandable Primer Automotive Flat White Spray Primer (Actual Net Contents: 12-oz) Item #1028543. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 23. I just proved her right. There was a ton of paint on the paper towel for the Rust-Oleum and hardly any at all on the Krylon paper towel. Let’s review. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. I also have the Gold Krylon, and it’s too pink, which is why I clicked on this post to find out what I should get instead. I actually used the … I'm a huge fan of the Rust's Sand color, it's darker then the Krylon counterpart. Looking at Satin black! Rustoleum for some reason always seems kind of chalky, granular when it dries, just seems a bit lower quality all around. Model #KA8646007. When you want bright, vibrant colors to make your do-it-yourself projects look their best, then Krylon K05150807 Colormaster is an excellent choice for you and best for the money. 30. from Waterloo Illinois. Jan 20, 2017 #3 OP . Joined Sep 16, 2009 Messages 407 Reaction score 197 Location RI. I believe Krylon and Duplicolor is owned by the same company so I'm "assuming" it's probably basically the same paint. Opinions? which rattle - can works the best? Less runs … ... Is there any difference when using rattle can paint for camo job or painting stocks, what about metal, wood, or plastic? I'd used Rustolem enough times. As far as Krylon is concerned I have read that there is an acrylic, so that would tell me water based? Primer, paint and topcoat. Rust-Oleum vs Valspar vs Krylon. People say Rust-Oleum is more close in terms to color, but a pain to use, and cracking and what not. Profile Page. Life on Mars - Krylon vs. Rustoleum: Spray Paint Comparison. ), I will spray paint ANYTHING. Krylon is a well-known brand of spray paints. Krylon. Reply Like Reply. Model #K02723007. Wood – Helps avoid an uneven paint finish by allowing for even penetration of bare wood surfaces; To help cut down on project time, Krylon offers Krylon ® Dual ® Paint + Primer, which allows you to prime and paint in one step. Didn't spray very well. It just seems to be a thicker spray. ... on Apr 13, 2017. I'm very pleased with the Krylon Camo. Sprays well, and the next day the nozzle mlivvy Active Member View Badges. What a big difference. The things I'm looking for:-Richness in color-Duration of a can My question is this: Which brand provides a better gloss spray paint? The ColorMaster Paint K05160202 from Krylon is a versatile spray paint for metal that’s also suitable for use on other surfaces such as wood, plastic, and many more. Features Krylon's EZ Touch 360 Dial Spray Tip for a more comfortable, controlled and even spray painting experience Dual Paint + Primer allows you to quickly and easily achieve the desired finish you want without the additional step of priming before painting…all with one can, one step. I use Krylon, but am thinking of switching to Rustoleum. Member. I've noticed that Rustoleum seems thicker and shinier but the Krylon spray is much better and is thinner... Wonder which is actually better. The advantage of Krylon is the fast drying aspect. The Rust-Oleum 12 oz. Krylon K05545007 COLORmaxx Spray Paint and Primer for Indoor/Outdoor Use, Gloss White. Its ultra-flat color blends with outdoor terrain and is ideal camouflage for early-morning and late-night stealth. Does anyone have … But Krylon is is better in terms of quality and useablity, but doesnt match the color as well as Rust-Oleum does. It’s durable enough to be a great choice for outdoor use as well as for spraypainting indoor items or areas and uses Krylon’s own Covermax technology for a smooth, even coat that won’t chip off or scratch. Krylon vs Rustoleum #4960649 02/07/14 08:08 PM: Joined: Jan 2012. Posts: 9,260. I was spray painting a bicycle. I use Rustoleum on the first. That said, Rustoleum does have a much warmer khaki than krylon, which has a very gray khaki, which isn't too bad really. Apply to metal, wood, concrete and masonry in heavy-duty and commercial environments. I only go over so many colors in this post so don’t hesitate to ask about other colors. Krylon seems to be right behind it, same feel when set up & seems to be pretty durable. Compare; Find … .Time for round 3. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Joined: Jan 13, 2017 Posts: 1,579. B. blackcoal OP. The Rust-Oleum came off in much larger pieces, and looked like I had wiped it off completely in some areas. blackcoal. 60 Mi North of DFW. I have decided that I really don’t like Krylon. (metal and wood) Rustoleum: It is mostly sprayed on many things used outdoors. Krylon vs Rustoleum: Stormin Mormon: 6/8/10 9:14 AM: Well, I wasn't fixing the house. Model #7786830. Rust-Oleum provides a PDF of the Product Label . Compare; Find My Store. 4.6 out of 5 stars 6,300. Reply. Krylon vs Rustoleum Showing 1-11 of 11 messages.